The Rookie Season 3 Episode 2: How And When To Watch Online?

‘The Rookie’ season 3’s premiere sees John Nolan’s career reaching a major roadblock. But can he clear this mess and restart his profession on a clean slate? Only time will tell. And well, the current outing’s 2nd episode will pick up the story from where we left off this Sunday. Officer Nolan will get some much-needed answers. Well, if you wish to know more about the upcoming part, our preview covers it all!

The Rookie Season 3 Episode 2 Release Date

‘The Rookie’ Season 3 Episode 2 is slated to be released on January 10, 2021, at 10 pm ET/ 9 pm CT on ABC. It is called ‘In Justice.’ Its official synopsis goes as follows: “Officer John Nolan and Officer Nyla Harper are assigned to a community policing center in an attempt to rebuild their station’s reputation in the community.” You can also check out its official promo below:

Where to Watch The Rookie Season 3 Episode 2 Online?

Our recommendation to enjoy spoiler-free episodes of ‘The Rookie’ is to tune in to ABC with a cable subscription and watch the season on your television screens at the aforementioned time slot. With an active cable login, you can also catch the latest episodes the day after they air on the ABC official website. Cord cutters have a host of options at their disposal. Live-streaming alternatives include YouTube Tv, Fubo Tv, DirecTv, and Sling Tv. Additionally, the show is available on Hulu. Already released episodes can also be bought on Amazon Prime Video.

The Rookie Season 3 Episode 1 Recap:

In episode 1, the cops surround Nolan’s house after dirty detective Nick Armstrong plants false evidence in his bedroom wall. Nolan calls up a lawyer just before Sergeant Gray leads him away in cuffs. During questioning, Nolan refuses to heed Wes’s advice. He is hell-bent on proving and revealing that Armstrong is being paid by the Darien crime family. Since Armstrong is recovering from the gunshot wound in the hospital, Nolan suggests that he meet up with Ruben Darien under the pretext of replacing Armstrong as his inside man.

Gray agrees to the plan and tracks Nolan as the latter embarks on his mission. But the team soon loses him. He is abducted by someone who places a hood over his head. Nolan is led to a junkyard, where he meets Ruben. It is also revealed that Armstrong as slipped out of the hospital. A fight ensues, and Nolan again takes the blame for his rash approach to secure justice. He is given a reprimand, and since he happens to be a rookie, it spells doom for his career.

Officer Angela Lopez discovers that she and Wes are expecting a child. Almost instantly thereafter, Sergeant Gray informs her that she has been promoted to detective. Now, rather than coming clean of the pregnancy, she decides to hide the development as long as the bump is undetectable.

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