Will The Search Season 2 Return on Netflix?

‘The Search’ is a thrilling series about a young girl who goes missing in the suburbs of Mexico City. Soon, the personal goals and narratives of the family members make the case more baffling. The authorities cannot figure out how the girl disappeared from her bed, undetected by the CCTV cameras. Moreover, without any sign of forced entry, including the silence of the family’s dogs, the police feel that girl’s family might be involved. The twisted tale plays out until it reaches a tragic discovery. So, will we see more of ‘The Search’ on Netflix?

The Search Season 2 Release Date

‘The Search’ has been intended as a limited series on Netflix, dropping all episodes on June 12, 2020. As a result, it remains unclear when and if there will be a Season 2. However, the tale has been quite intriguing, and there is a good chance that there might be a follow up from where the story leaves off. If ‘The Search’ Season 2 does get greenlit, it will likely release sometime in June 2022.

The Search Season 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

If ‘The Search’ Season 2 is greenlit, we might see some of the familiar faces return. We could see Castillo, Carolina, Amanda, and Bonilla’s stories. Bazbaz might also return in the new season. Accordingly, we could see Alejandro Calva, Silverio Palacios, Edmundo Vargas, and Anabel Ferreira reprising their roles.

The Search Season 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

‘The Search’ effectively ends the chapter of the story that caused a frenzy in Mexico. Therefore, the new season would have to get creative about what they want to portray. There is a good chance, we might see Bazbaz investigating some new thrilling case, in which scenario, ‘The Search’ Season 2 would have an unrelated storyline. On the other hand, there is a possibility that we might stick to the premise of the first season, and the show could take a much darker turn.

After all, once the parents and nanny were arrested for inconsistencies in their stories, they turned on each other. Even at the end of the first season, the people begin to show their true colors after Paulette is laid to rest. So, maybe we will see how they continue with their lives beyond the tragedy and who they blame for the inexplicable death. If the series is being adventurous, we might even witness some fingers pointed at which family member can be held responsible. At the end of the day, the case remains controversial in real life and the show could pick up on that.

There are quite a few directions in which ‘The Search’ Season 2 could be headed, and it remains to be seen what the show makers ultimately decide.

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