The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch: The Complete Details

Have you heard of skin-walkers? Well, in Navajo mythology, the term refers to malevolent witches, who can shape-shift into animals. Skinwalker Ranch aka Sherman Ranch, which is named after this mysterious entity, is located around 488 acres southeast of Ballard, Utah. It is one of the most infamous sites in the US, holding a notorious record of paranormal and UFO-related activities.

History’s The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is a documentary that offers an exclusive glimpse into the happenings inside this fabled property. Featuring Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island executive producer Kevin Burns at its helm, the non-fiction series is a one-of-its-kind project that uses camera and crew to explore the site — which is a first-time in its history.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch season 1 is slated to premiere on March 31, 2020, at 10 pm ET/ 9 pm CT on History Channel.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Cast: Who is in it?

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch features a team of daring, experienced, and ingenious scientists and experts, who aim to uncover the secrets that are responsible for the controversy surrounding this 512-acre property in Utah’s Uinta Basin. Equipped with “cutting edge technology from lasers and ground-penetrating radar to drone thermography, and more,” the team applies “hard science and makes shocking discoveries while going further and risking more than anyone has done on the ranch before” — according to History.

What is The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch about?

History’s path-breaking docuseries gives us an exclusive glimpse into never-before-seen footage of the Skinwalker Ranch and the secrets held inside its walls. A talented crew scours the property to answer “who?” “what?” and “why?” are responsible for UFO sightings, bizarre animal mutilations, and paranormal related mysteries, which have plagued the locale for the last two centuries.

To give you a brief of the background of Skinwalker Ranch, this property has been referred to as the UFO Alley since the early 1950s. Over the decades, the area has caught the increased attention of media globally because of numerous reports of strange happenings and anomalies, which have surfaced across the years.

In fact, the government has secretly funded several researchers who want to carry out detailed studies and investigations on the property. In 1996, Robert Bigelow, a billionaire businessman bought the ranch in order to carry out his own experiments inside the premises. Although his discoveries were never made public, this has not curbed the curiosity of others who want to conduct researches separately.

In 2017, the property was purchased by another person, whose name is not yet revealed for unknown reasons. For the first time in the ranch’s history, he has allowed a crew to enter the premises and to use cameras and equipment to record and document their findings.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Trailer:

You can watch the official sneak peek for season 1 of the show below:

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