Preview: The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 2

‘The Simpsons’ is one of the greatest shows on tv for a reason. It never wavers in keeping the laughter coming! Of course, now in its 32nd season, things have changed in Springfield. We have a cast shake-up, with Alex Desert serving as the voiceover artist for Carl Carlson. But when the latest edition premiered this Sunday, we received the same dose of nostalgia — the perfect balance of old school themes blended with modern and consistent storytelling. The story is a parody of ‘Undercover Boss’ and gives us a new insight into the background of Homer’s terrible boss, Mr. Burns.

And the tale ends with a lesson – Simpsons style. Homer delivers an epilogue where he explains that bosses are always bad. So why should Mr. Burns be any different? Yes, with a terrific debut, season 32 is now all set to indulge us with more hilarious, relevant, and entertaining content. So, without further ado, let’s get to the details of the next episode.

The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 2 Release Date:

‘The Simpsons’ Season 32 Episode 2 scheduled to premiere on October 4, 2020, at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT on FOX. ‘The Simpsons’ follows a weekly format with a new episode slated to premiere every Sunday.

The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 2 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is titled ‘I, Carumbus.’ As per Fox, its official synopsis goes as follows: “At a museum exhibit of Ancient Rome, Marge and Homer get into an argument about Homer’s lack of ambition. They then imagine a Roman version of what would happen if Homer was more career-driven.”

Where to Watch The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 2 Online?

You can watch ‘The Simpsons’ Season 32 Episode 2 by tuning into FOX on the above-mentioned timeslot. Other than that, you can also catch the episode on FOX’s official website or mobile app. You can stream full episodes live or on-demand on FOX NOW, with a TV provider login. Moreover, the episode can also be streamed live with a subscription for Direct TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and Fubo TV. The last season (season 31) is currently available on Hulu. Moreover, specific episodes can also be bought on Amazon Prime Video. 

The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 1 Recap

Homer decides to opt for a special ‘Put Your Kids to Work Day’. On the other hand, Homer’s evil boss, Mr. Burns realizes that his employees do not like him that much. So he goes undercover and infiltrates the workplace, disguised as someone else in a specialized suit. Mr. Burns is now Fred Kranepool and he takes up a job in turbine maintenance at his own powerplant. Once he joins the job, he forms a quick friendship with Homer, Lenny, and Carl. And this new development forces him to reconsider the way he treats his employees. However, Homer later realizes that Fred is his boss. So, he is compelled to end the newly forged friendship. A scorned Burns starts fighting between his two avatars and guess, who is the winner? It’s better to answer that one for yourself!

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