The Simpsons Season 33: Everything We Know

Created by Matt Groening, ‘The Simpsons’ is an adult animated sitcom that follows the Simpson family, consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Set in the fictional town of Springfield, the show, at its roots, mocks American culture and the absurdism that indomitably drives it. As reality takes its toll on the family, the Simpsons land themselves in crazy adventures.

The show has covered 32 seasons to date, which makes ‘The Simpsons’ the longest-running scripted show ever to have existed. As the latest season draws to a close, fans are in solid anticipation of the next one. If you want to know whether another edition has been confirmed, you’re in the right place. Here’s everything we know about ‘The Simpsons’ season 33!

The Simpsons Season 33 Release Date

‘The Simpsons’ season 32 released on September 27, 2020, on Fox and finished airing on May 23, 2021. The season comprises 22 episodes, with each one having a runtime of 22 minutes. The show’s satirical nature keeps audiences engaged, and over time, has made its characters into household names. The Simpsons are nothing less than icons in pop culture. So when discussing the show, there are emotional factors always at play.

Now, as we move on to the next season, here’s what we know as of now. On March 3, 2021, Fox confirmed that the beloved animated show is here to stay and further entertain us. Not only this but a double season order has been placed, which means that seasons 33 and 34 will soon drop on the screen. Creator Matt Groening teased that they are planning lots of big surprises in the upcoming season.

It is also worth noting that ‘The Simpsons’ is averaging seven million viewers across all platforms. Moreover, the season 32 premiere was recorded as the show’s highest-rated return in five years, as reported by Deadline. As we earlier said, the show is here to stay and might someday outlive us all. As of now, an official release date for season 33 has not been confirmed by Fox yet. But you may be aware that new seasons typically premiere in September and October every year. So the upcoming season might follow suit if the coronavirus pandemic does not delay production. Considering all this, we can expect ‘The Simpsons’ season 33 to release in the Fall of 2021.

The Simpsons Season 33 Cast: Who can be in it?

Without the primary voiceover cast, the 33rd season of ‘The Simpsons’ might seem incomplete. So we’re hoping for their positive return. Dan Castellaneta should be back to voice Homer Simpson alongside other characters like Krusty the Clown, Grampa Simpson, and Jake the Barber. Emmy-winner Julie Kavner will return as Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier and Jaqueline Bouvier. American actress and philanthropist Nancy Cartwright will voice Bart Simson, Maggie Simpson, and Rod Flanders.

Yeardley Smith will lend her voice to Lisa Simpson and Angelic Button, while Hank Azaria will play Moe Szyslak and Chief Wiggum. It has been reported that, in a move supporting inclusive voice casting, Harry Shearer has stepped down from voicing the Black Simpsons character, Dr. Hibbert. Yet we’re still excited to have him back as Ned Flanders and Mr. Burns, amongst many other characters for the upcoming season. Kevin Michael Richardson will voice Dr. Hibbert.

The Simpsons Season 33 Plot: What can it be About?

In the last episode of season 32 of ‘The Simpsons,’ we see Homer and his friends deal with a secret society of bartenders, who are agitated after Moe breaks their most sacred rule. The vile bartenders then band together to seek revenge on the gang. Creator Matt Groening has teased that the upcoming season 33 is set to be full of surprises. Homer will lose a hair, Milhouse will apply contact lenses, and Bart will celebrate his tenth birthday for the thirty-third time. It seems like we’re in for a neverending ride!

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