Will There be a The Sleepover Sequel?

Netflix’s ‘The Sleepover’ is an action-comedy that follows a group of children on the mission to save their parents. The film splits into two storylines where on one side we focus on the mysteries and secrets of the adults, and on the other hand, we follow the adventures of the young. The story balances this equation and serves a fun mix of action and humor. It ends on a high note for everyone where the villains are defeated and the heroes survive the ordeal. But what’s next for them now? Here’s all you need to know about ‘The Sleepover 2’.

The Sleepover 2 Release Date

‘The Sleepover’ was released on Netflix on August 21, 2020. The film opened to mixed reviews from critics. When it comes to greenlighting the sequel, the streaming service depends on the response of the audience, for which it takes some time to gauge after the release of the title. As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding it, but if they do decide to go forward with ‘The Sleepover 2’, we expect the film to release sometime in late 2021.

The Sleepover 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

The cast of ‘The Sleepover’ is led by Malin Akerman who plays the role of a woman named Margot. Sadie Stanley and Maxwell Simkins play the role of her children, Clancy and Kevin. Ken Marino appears in the role of Margot’s husband, Ron. Joe Manganiello plays the role of Leo, Margot’s ex-fiancee, who is also the villain of the story. Lucas Jaye plays the role of Lewis, Kevin’s best friend, and Cree Cicchino appears in the role of Mim, Clancy’s best friend.

In the sequel, we expect all these characters to return in one form or another. We also expect Matthew Grimaldi to reprise his role as Travis Schultz, the love interest of Clancy. With a new storyline, we also expect new villains to become a part of the story.

The Sleepover 2 Plot: What’s it about?

‘The Sleepover’ begins with a story about two children who want some freedom in their lives and ends with them going on an adventure with their parents. The family has a great shift in the dynamic by the end of the film, which also opens a new range of possibilities for their story.

The first thing that we would like to see in the sequel is the backstory of Margot aka Mathilde. What was her life before she settled down with Ron and had children? What led her to have a change of heart and leave her relationship with Leo behind? Apart from this, we would also like to know more about Jean-Paul. The name is mentioned in the film several times, and it is said that he used to be the boss of the syndicate but is in prison now. What happens if he comes back? Would he attack Margot to exact revenge on her for putting him behind bars? How will this bring Joe back into the equation? In the same vein, how does the revelation about their mother change the daily lives of the children? The sequel can follow some or all of these storylines.

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