The Stand Episode 3: What to Expect?

‘The Stand’, based on Stephen King’s 1978 novel of the same name, revolves around the lives of Larry Underwood and Lloyd Henreid, who reside in a mystical and apocalyptic world, which has been destroyed by a virus known as ‘Captain Trips’. The premiere episode leaves us wondering about many things — especially about the similar visions experienced by three different people. All of the visions throw the limelight on Mother Abagail. We also learn of Larry’s romance with Rita Blakemoor and Lloyd’s history where he had spent time behind bars.

Larry then meets up with his mom who dies after contracting the virus. This is when he meets a middle-aged Manhattan socialite and develops a friendship, which soon progresses to romance. Rita, on the other hand, is addicted to pills. She pops quite a few, one day, and dies from an overdose. Currently, Larry acts as the leader of transporting a convoy of cars to Boulder, Colorado, which also includes a character named Nadine Cross, a teacher and an orphan who is autistic.

On the other hand, a criminal named Lloyd is jailed when his attempt at a robbery backfires. He soon realizes that the virus is spreading into the penitentiary, with guards and prisoners becoming sick. When Lloyd is the only inmate left alive, he is rescued by Flagg, who asks him to be his main man. Well, after a twisted, racy premiere, followed by an equally engaging second episode, let us now cover the details of ‘The Stand’ episode 3.

The Stand Episode 3 Release Date:

‘The Stand’ season 1 episode 3 is slated to premiere on December 31, 2020, on CBS All Access at Midnight ET. The mini-series consists of nine episodes.

The Stand Episode 3 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘Blank Pages’. This episode is expected to give us some action, now that we know almost all of the show’s lead characters. It will most probably witness the two sides preparing for a post-apocalyptic battle. On one side, we have the squad under the leadership of Mother Abagail. She is the representation of the good. Meanwhile, on the other side, we have Flagg and his followers — who represent the bad side.

Where to Stream The Stand Episode 3 Online?

The ideal way to watch ‘The Stand’ is to stream it on CBS All Access as and when new episodes land on the platform. The plans begin at $5.99 a month for the ad-supported version. There are also additional commercial-free options for a higher rate. Moreover, CBS All Access currently offers a one week free trial for new subscribers. There are also live-streaming services where you can catch ‘The Stand’ without a cable subscription — such as Directv. ‘The Stand’ is additionally included with CBS All Access on Amazon Prime Video.

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