The Stand Episode 5: What to Expect?

‘The Stand’ episode 4 called ‘The House of the Dead’ sees Harold on the road, accompanied by Frannie. Believing this to be a good time, he decides to confess his feelings to Frannie. However, she rejects him. As they converse, the duo is ambushed by a serial rapist, who keeps women as captives. The man manages to capture Frannie, and he chains her up. He even brutally beats up Harold. Luckily for the pair, Stu and Glen reach the spot at the right moment. They were able to track them down after following Harold’s signs. Soon, a full-fledged fight breaks out.

As luck could have it, Dayna Jurgens, one of the rapist’s captives, murders him with a crowbar. Once things settle down, Stu explains the meaning of his dreams and paintings to Frannie. After hearing him out, she agrees to travel to Boulder. But Harold is skeptical of the whole arrangement. On the other hand, Nick and Tom, who is also traveling to Boulder, face an unstable woman named Julie Lawry. Out of nowhere, she kisses Nick and then starts making fun of Tom’s intellectual disability. This causes a disillusioned Nick to abandon her. She retaliates by firing at the two men with a shotgun.

Meanwhile, in Boulder, the committee decides to send a trio of men to investigate the activities of Drogan. While Frannie picks Dayna Jurgens, with whom she has developed a bond, Larry nominates Judge Harris, the community’s oldest member. Finally, Glen chooses Tom Cullen. Nadine meets up with Harold, and after coerces him to help her kill Mother Abagail and the rest of the committee. Harold hatches a plot to take control of the explosives. As they carry the explosives out of town, Teddy Weizak, Harold’s friend and partner, spots the duo. Nadine kills him, and he dies in Harold’s arms. Let us now cover the details of ‘The Stand’ episode 5.

The Stand Episode 5 Release Date

‘The Stand’ season 1 episode 5 is slated to premiere on Thursday, January 14, 2021, on CBS All Access at 3 am ET. The mini-series consists of nine episodes.

The Stand Episode 5 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘Suspicious Minds.’ This episode is expected to give us some more action. We might see Mother Abagail starting to suspect Nadine’s true intentions. After all, she is blessed with supernatural powers and has the potential to feel Flagg’s presence within her. Again, after Teddy’s death, will Harold stick to his promise of helping Nadine?

On the other hand, the reconnaissance group is expected to visit Las Vegas. Will the crew be able to enter the camp undetected after bypassing Flagg? There is a chance that at least one of the guys might die. There is also a possibility that Flagg might assume control over their minds and use them to divert Abagail’s plans.

Where to Stream The Stand Episode 5 Online?

The ideal way to watch ‘The Stand’ is to stream it on CBS All Access as and when new episodes land on the platform. The plans begin at $5.99 a month for the ad-supported version. There are also additional commercial-free options for a higher rate. Moreover, CBS All Access currently offers a one week free trial for new subscribers. There are also live-streaming services where you can catch ‘The Stand’ without a cable subscription — such as DirecTV. ‘The Stand’ is additionally included with CBS All Access on Amazon Prime Video.

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