The Stand Episode 6: What to Expect?

‘The Stand’ episode 5 called ‘Fear and Loathing in New Vegas’ sees Dyana reaching New Vegas with a plan to connect and meet with Flagg. However, she ends up earning the favor of Lloyd, who takes her in as an arm girl. This is when she learns that Tom is also at the same place and delivers him a note, which reads “run.” However, he cannot read it. Finally, Dyana is able to meet Flagg, who reveals that he already knows why she is here. He says that he will let her go if she reveals the name of the third spy.

When Dyana attempts to slay him and fails in the process, she kills herself to prevent the revelation of any more secrets. Harold, haunted by Teddy’s death, gets an invitation from Frannie to have dinner with her and Stu. The dinner is, in fact, a diversion. In Harold’s absence, Larry plans to break into his house and snoop around – since Frannie is worried about him. Nadine is concerned about Joe and visits Larry in an effort to sleep with him. However, his head is occupied with the plan in hand.

Larry discovers Nadine’s shirt in Harold’s house and becomes suspicious. During dinner, things get awkward when Harold states that Frannie does not recall anything about the good times they had had together in the past. Harold leaves, and so does Larry. But he discovers that ploy anyway since he had installed surveillance cameras. Mother Abigail is sad with the community for sending spies and seeks God’s guidance when she is attached by Flagg in his wolf form. Ray reaches her house and finds a note saying that she has left. Let us now cover the details of ‘The Stand’ episode 6.

The Stand Episode 6 Release Date

‘The Stand’ season 1 episode 6 is slated to premiere on Thursday, January 21, 2021, on CBS All Access at 3 am ET. The mini-series consists of nine episodes.

The Stand Episode 5 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘The Vigil.’ This episode is expected to give us some more action. It should give us some insights into the disappearance of Mother Abigail. As per Stephen King’s book, Abigail becomes upset that God does not answer her prayers and hence, goes MIA. Directed by Chris Fisher, written by Jill Killington and Knate Lee, the episode is also expected to show what happens once Harold finds out about Frannie and Larry’s plan. Also, since Larry is suspicious of Nadine and Harold, his reaction should form an interesting subplot for episode 6.

Where to Stream The Stand Episode 6 Online?

The ideal way to watch ‘The Stand’ is to stream it on CBS All Access as and when new episodes land on the platform. The plans begin at $5.99 a month for the ad-supported version. There are also additional commercial-free options for a higher rate. Moreover, CBS All Access currently offers a one week free trial for new subscribers. There are also live-streaming services where you can catch ‘The Stand’ without a cable subscription — such as DirecTV. ‘The Stand’ is additionally included with CBS All Access on Amazon Prime Video.

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