‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ Season 2: Premiere Date and Cast

‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ is an American documentary television show by the Discover Family Channel. The show gives us an inside look at the lives of some of the wealthiest people in the world.

The first season of this series debuted on September 2, 2015, on Discovery Family Channel. Will there be a ‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ Season 2? Let’s find out.

The Surprising Lives of Billionaires Cast: Who is in it?

‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ does not have a cast as the show follows a documentary style, live-action format. Each episode is one hour long and dives into a world of never-ending wealth and luxury.

What is The Surprising Lives of Billionaires About?

‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ takes us on a journey into the everyday lives of some of the richest people in the world. It allows us to experience what it truly means to be rich as we follow their lifestyle, comforts and everyday privileges.

For most of us, being rich is a game of imagination, something we see in Hollywood movies or when we see the lives of our favorite celebrities around the world. However, ‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ tells us there is so much more to being rich. It showcases the heights of wealth and the exorbitant spending habits of the rich.

Each episode is one hour long and documents the life of a billionaire. While the show primarily focuses on the massive wealth of these billionaires, it does not get limited to that. The best part of ‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ is that it also showcases the human side of the wealthy. We often end up equating wealth to success.

However, the show explores how these seemingly successful billionaires also have everyday responsibilities, work, deadlines, and go through their own bouts of anxiety and struggle just like every one of us. It teaches us to look for the reason why they manage to stay at the top of their game everyday.

The series premiere follows a billionaire and owner of six gigantic mansions across the globe. These mansions are beyond the imagination of commoners and are equipped with the most elite amenities. The second episode of ‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ focuses on the so-called toys of the extremely rich. With wealth comes an obsession to spend.

Many times, this exorbitant spending habit also ends up spiraling one down to bankruptcy. However, until then, there’s no limit to what you can own. Some of these spending sprees include buying gold plated vacuum cleaners and rock crystal baths. The episode covers unthinkable luxuries owned by billionaires, from extravagant yachts, glass-bottom swimming pools to gold plated bathroom fixtures.

The series also takes a look into the lives of the staff employed by these billionaires. The staff includes private pilots, personal tutors, personal assistants, doormen, drivers, and chefs. This offers us a very interesting perspective, which comes directly from people like us, employed by the rich who live and work in these circumstances, and are connected with this life every day.

The series gives us an insight into a billionaire’s office and focuses on how they maintain discipline and carry out their duties in the workplace. Viewers can have a look at the new 21st-century staff and modernized office rooms.

One episode of ‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ focuses on the security measures implemented by the billionaires. After all, they are billionaires for a reason and usually, there is always a threat associated with having immense wealth.

The security measures explored, include everything from bulletproof doors, security jackets, bulletproof vests, bomb-proof doors, and luxury survival kits. The final episode of ‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ dives into the romantic life of billionaires.

The series showcases the dating platforms of billionaires and how different they are from our platforms. This episode covers costly introduction agencies that arrange dates amongst the elite security consultants who research potential spouses.

The content of ‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ will certainly leave you baffled by the magnitude of financial power these few people have. The show thus offers us a rare glimpse inside the lives of these people who seemingly appear untouchable for us.

The Surprising Lives of Billionaires Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ Season 1 premiered on September 2, 2015, and ran until October 1, 2015, for six episodes. There is no official news on the renewal of the series from the Discovery Family Channel even though a considerable amount of time has passed. If we have to guess, ‘The Surprising Lives of Billionaires’ Season 2 could release sometime in 2021. However, we will keep you posted as we find out more.

The Surprising Lives of Billionaires Trailer:

Here’s a video for The Surprising Lives of Billionaires that will give you an idea of the show.

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