The Tailor Season 2: What Will it Be About?

Created by Onur Güvenatam, Netflix’s ‘The Tailor’ (also known as ‘Terzi’) is a mystery drama series revolving around Peyami Dokumacı, a famous tailor. However, when Peyami is forced to reconcile with his past, he runs into Esvet, a young woman who harbors her own dark secrets. As the narrative progresses, viewers discover the fractured pasts of Peyami and Esvet as they attempt to mend themselves from the trauma inflicted upon them. However, the first season ends without resolving several mysteries surrounding Peyami and Esvet. Therefore viewers must be wondering if a follow-up installment of the Turkish drama series will provide closure to the story. In that case, here is everything we know about ‘The Tailor’ season 2!

The Tailor Season 2: What Will it Be About?

‘The Tailor’ season 1 was released on Netflix on May 2, 2023. The debut season comprises seven episodes with a running time of roughly 35-45 minutes each. All season 1 episodes dropped on the streaming service on the same day. Initially, the series was supposed to air on aired on TV8. However, Netflix secured the global distribution rights for the series, leading to its release on the platform. The first season received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for the performances and twists but criticisms for weak characterization.

With regard to a second season, we have good news for the show’s fans. The series has been officially renewed for a second installment. Filming for the second season reportedly commenced in June 2022 and was wrapped up by late August 2022. Netflix has also attached a teaser for the second installment to the season 1 finale, confirming that new episodes are well into the post-production stage. Additionally, a third and potentially

However, the streaming giant is yet to announce a release date for the second season. Nonetheless, assuming production on season 2 has wrapped, viewers might not have to wait long for the new episodes to drop. As a result, ‘The Tailor’ season 2 is likely to release in early 2024.

For the second installment, the principal cast members – Cagatay Ulusoy (Peyami Dokumacı), Şifanur Gül (Esvet), Salih Bademci (Dimitri), Olgun Şimşek (Mustafa) – are confirmed to reprise their roles via the brief teaser. Additionally, supporting cast members Ece Sükan (Suzi) and Engin Senkan (Sulun) will likely return for season 2. Actress Berrak Tüzünataç has been added to the cast for the second season in an undisclosed role.

The first season of ‘The Tailor’ deals with Peyami Dokumacı attempting to hide his mentally ill father from the world. However, Esvet, the fiancé of Peyami’s best friend, Dimitri, inadvertently finds her way into Peyami’s life, hoping to escape an abusive relationship. Eventually, Peyami and Esvet fall in love with each other and are confronted by Dimitri, leading to Peyami accidentally getting shot in the chest. The first season ends on a cliffhanger as Peyami’s life rests in balance.

The second season will likely pick up some time after the season 1 finale, as Peyami recovers from the wound. Dimitri will likely give up his pursuit of Esvet, and the teaser implies that Peyami and Esvet are slated to marry. However, matters are likely to become complicated since Esvet secretly married Peyami’s father, Mustafa, in a bid to hide from Dimitri. Since Peyami is unaware of the marriage, it could drive a wedge between him and Esvet once the truth comes out.

Moreover, we are yet to learn why Peyami was abandoned by his mother, and the true parentage of Esvet is also a mystery. Dimitri’s father, Ari, could also create problems for Esvet and Peyami as he is after Esvet’s inheritance. Additionally, the teaser also depicts a new woman entering Peyami’s life and cheating on Esvet with this mystery woman. Ultimately, Peyami and Esvet seem to harbor more secrets that could prove to be their doing.

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