The Tailor Season 3: Renewal Possibilities Explored

Created by Onur Güvenatam, Netflix’s ‘The Tailor’ (also known as ‘Terzi’) is a Turkish drama series revolving around Peyami Dokumacı, a famous tailor. The second follows Peyami as he recovers from the events following his fateful encounter with Dimitri and Esvet at the ranch. Peyami is forced to reconcile with his past and finally succeeds in learning the truth about his parentage. However, the second season leaves many plot threads open, including the central love triangle between Peyami, Esvet, and Dimitri. As a result, viewers must be wondering if a third season will conclude the story. In that case, here is everything we know about the possibility of ‘The Tailor’ season 3!

Will The Tailor Season 3 Happen?

‘The Tailor’ season 2 was released on July 28, 2023, on Netflix. The second installment comprises eight episodes, one more than the freshman outing. Each episode has a running time of approximately 35-40 minutes. The second season debuted to mostly positive reviews, with critics calling the narrative engrossing and praising its drama. However, some criticized the show’s twists and convoluted revelations. The second season ends with Peyami reuniting his parents, Mustafa and Kiraz while reconciling with his own past. However, the love triangle between Peyami, Esvet, and Dimitri remains unresolved, leaving the door open for a third installment.

We have some exciting updates for viewers looking for news about a third season. The show has already been renewed for a third outing by Netflix. Moreover, filming for the third season has already been completed hinting that viewers likely won’t have to wait long for the new set of episodes to release. However, the third installment will probably also be the show’s final one. The series was reportedly filmed in a single block, with production on the second season starting after filming wrapped on season 1. Similarly, filming of season 3 reportedly began in August 2022 and concluded by October 2022.

An exact episode count for the third installment is yet to be revealed, and Netflix hasn’t announced a release date for the new episodes. ‘The Tailor’ season 2 debuted mere two months after the first batch of episodes hit Netflix. Moreover, since filming for the third season has already wrapped, we can expect it to release similarly. As a result, ‘The Tailor’ season 3 is likely to release as early as October 2023. However, the show’s future beyond the already confirmed third installment is uncertain, and it remains to be seen if it will indeed be the final season.

A teaser featuring footage from the third season is attached to the season 2 finale and plays before the credits roll. The footage seemingly confirms the return of main cast members Cagatay Ulusoy (Peyami Dokumacı), Şifanur Gül (Esvet), Salih Bademci (Dimitri), Olgun Şimşek (Mustafa), Evrim Alasya (Kiraz), and Ece Sükan (Suzi). Additionally, Berrak Tüzünataç, who joined the cast as Cemre in season 3, is also expected to reprise her role. However, any new additions to the cast are likely being kept under wraps for now.

The brief teaser hints at how Peyami’s story will continue in the third season. Peyami and Esvet will likely rekindle their romance, leading to an affair behind Dimitri’s back. Meanwhile, Esvet is also likely to learn the truth about her true parentage and inheritance, which is crucial to Dimitri and his family. We could also learn more about Cemre and her mysterious objective behind getting close to Peyami. Meanwhile, Dimitri could learn about Peyami and Esvet’s affair, leading to an explosive conclusion to the longstanding love triangle.

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