Where to Stream The Third Day?

The Third Day‘ is a drama miniseries which follows the individual journeys undertaken by a man and woman as they head to a strange island off the British coast. The story is told in two parts, and the individuals seek their answers. It is accentuated by stellar performances, which is unsurprising since the cast members include talents like Jude Law and Naomie Harris. Curious to know where you can stream the miniseries? We have got you covered, right after we walk you through the show’s premise.

What is The Third Day About?

‘The Third Day’ is split into three parts – Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each section comes together as interconnected stories. Summer sees Sam traveling to an island off the British coast, where he meets some individuals who want to preserve their traditions at any cost. Autumn is a live theater event that ties in with the story, while Winter is about an outsider with a strong will. When she shows up to the island looking for answers, there is a battle that threatens to tear the place apart and seal its fate.

Is The Third Day on Netflix?

Netflix has a stellar collection of movies and television shows, which is what sets the platform apart. When it comes to drama and mystery, the site’s roster is enviable, but users cannot stream ‘The Third Day’ here. We recommend that you check out ‘Twin Peaks.’ David Lynch’s masterful show focuses on the titular town where a popular high school girl turns up dead. An FBI agent investigates the case, but finds out there’s more happening in Twin Peaks – and some of it is supernatural. It is a series that continually forces us to question ourselves and reality, and we often receive no answers.

Is The Third Day on Hulu?

Hulu keeps making smart additions to the platform, which is why the site has a loyal base of viewers. Despite the updated roster of films and shows, ‘The Third Day’ is not on Hulu as is. Nonetheless, you can add the HBO Max package to your existing plan and access all of the site’s content, including the series. Check it out here.

Is The Third Day on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime sources content from all around the world to cater to a global audience. While ‘The Third Day’ cannot be streamed by Prime subscribers as is, you can add HBO to the existing plan and watch the miniseries. Check it out here.

Where to Watch The Third Day Online?

If you don’t have Hulu or Amazon Prime, you can check out ‘The Third Day’ on HBO Max. After all, those with cable subscriptions can catch the show on HBO, so the network’s streaming site also hosts the episodes. Check it out here. You can watch the series on DirecTV as well.

Where to Stream The Third Day For Free?

If you want to stream ‘The Third Day’ for free, you can check it out on HBO Max, which has a trial period. Alternatively, you can add the HBO pack to your Prime subscription – which offers a seven-day trial period too. Of course, in this case, you already need to be paying for the Prime services.

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