Will There be a The Third Day Season 2?

An intriguing, terrifying, and atmospheric take on the folk-horror genre, ‘The Third Day’ is HBO’s pagan-laced mystery drama that reminds you of the masterpiece — ‘Midsommar‘. It has a similar premise – a lost man trapped in a spooky island, eerie rituals, hooded figures, and absurd storylines. In the midst of it all, we have a British cult, trapping innocent outsiders — or so it might seem. Well, created by Felix Barrett and Dennis Kelly, ‘The Third Day’ is a rich cinematic experience — with all the events taking place in a spectacular landscape, which is a breeding ground for nightmares.

As you can see, the series is an apt addition to the repertoire of horror stories, embedded with folk rituals. Its first season opened to positive reviews, and this was expected. So for fans who are curious to know about the show’s future, our preview covers it all.

The Third Day Season 2 Release Date:

‘The Third Day’ season 1 premiered on September 14, 2020, on HBO, followed by its UK release on Sky Atlantic on September 15, 2020. It wrapped up with its finale in the US on October 19, 2020. The first season consists of six episodes + an ‘Autumn Special’. You can additionally stream the series on HBO Max.

Well, although the series garnered impressive reviews, it is highly unlikely that we will get a second edition. ‘The Third Day’ is a limited event and had been conceptualized as a one-off. And this is the reason, its story comes to a close-ended conclusion in the inaugural installment itself. To sum it up, we can safely assume that ‘The Third Day’ season 2 is most likely canceled.

The Third Day Cast: Who is in it?

‘The Third Day’ features an impressive cast. We have Jude Law as Sam, a lone stranger who is drawn to a strange island, off the British coast. Joining him is Naomi Harris as Helen, a woman with a strong will who reaches the same island, seeking answers. Other important stars playing vital roles in the series are Katherine Waterston as Jess, John Dagleish as Larry, Mark Lewis Jones as Jason, Jessie Ross as Epona, Richard Bremmer as The Father, Paddy Considine as Mr. Martin, Emily Watson as Mrs. Martin, Freya Allan as Kail, Börje Lundberg as Professor Mimir, Florence Welch as Veronica, Paul Kaye as The Cowboy, Nico Parker as Ellie, and Charlotte Gairdner-Mihell as Talulah.

The Third Day Plot: What is it About?

‘The Third Day’ is divided into three interlinked parts. The first segment, ‘Summer’, follows a man called Sam who reaches the mysterious island of Osea, inhabited by a strange cult, hell-bent on preserving their culture at all costs. The third part, ‘Winter’, is centered around a single mother named Helen who also enters the community, seeking to discover the truth about her past. Both these parts are linked by a second segment, ‘Autumn’, created and aired as a twelve-hour live event on the island. The story chronicles the journey of its characters as they slowly unravel the secrets of the island, get the required answers, and reach an inevitable fate.

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