The Thomas John Experience Season 2: Everything We Know

What would you do if someone makes you believe that there is another world beyond the one you live in? Well, ‘The Thomas John Experience’ aims to answer just that. It is a compelling unscripted series that follows the titular host as he talks to the dead — literally! But do his interactions bring peace or add to more disturbance? Fortunately, in most of the cases featured in season 1, Thomas helps people in getting closure. So, will he continue his work for another season? Let’s find out.

The Thomas John Experience Season 2 Release Date

‘The Thomas John Experience’ season 1 released on June 4, 2020, on CBS All Access. It consisted of eight episodes and all of them were available to binge on the same day.

Thomas is a well-known name among the audience and people love the man for his honesty and compassionate resolution to problems. Hence, for his popularity alone, we expect this show to get another season. Of course, the decision will also depend on the final ratings. If the numbers are as per CBS’s expectations and the series gets renewed, we can expect ‘The Thomas John Experience’ season 2 to premiere sometime in June 2021.

The Thomas John Experience Season 2 Host

‘The Thomas John Experience’ is hosted by the titular world-famous psychic medium and former Chicago drag queen, under the name Lady Vera Parker. Popularly known as the ‘Manhattan Medium’, Thomas is best known for appearing in the 2018 reality show, ‘Seatbelt Psychic’. In January 2020, John started a live show in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. In his professional sphere, Thomas boasts an impressive clientele, comprising the likes of Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Nicks, Goldie Hawn, and Courteney Cox. Needless to say, he will make a comeback in season 2 as well, as and when that happens.

What Can The Thomas John Experience Season 2 be About?

“If you could talk to the dead, what would you say?” — CBS promoted season 1 using this intriguing phrase in its key art. In this unscripted series, psychic Thomas John embarks on a trip across America. Equipped with the remarkable gift of being able to connect with the other world, Thomas meets unsuspecting people and gives them surprise readings.

Through these readings, regular individuals get deeper insights, which in turn, ends up giving them closure and the ability to move on. Thomas runs into people anywhere — for instance, he talks to back-seat passengers while driving a ride-share in Chicago. We also see him conversing with people in a restaurant in Los Angeles and connecting them to their lost ones. The moments, following these reunions between the dead and the living, are both emotional and heartwarming.

In one of the episodes, Thomas says, “I speak to people on the other side.” He goes on to say that in his quests, he has met both believers and skeptics. But he takes people completely by surprise after disclosing their names and accurately describing their backstories. In another episode, he reassures one of his crew members, saying, “No offense, we’re not going to talk to her right now.” As Thomas goes about providing answers and passing messages to unknown individuals, he says: “You never really know how a certain reading is going to help someone.”

Season 2 will follow the same premise, following Thomas as he seeks to give solace to people while using his psychic abilities.

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