Will There Be a The Twelve Season 2?

Courtroom dramas are exciting because there are a lot of angles in play. Especially with the jury system, plenty of variables make themselves felt as jurors bring their own biases and experiences before delivering the verdict. Right from ‘12 Angry Men,’ the juror system has fascinated viewers, and ‘The Twelve’ puts a new spin on things. Season 1 has already received praise from various quarters due to its authenticity and fresh perspective. So, will we get a Season 2 of ‘The Twelve’?

The Twelve Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘De Twaalf’ or ‘The Twelve’ Season 1 premiered on November 3, 2019, and the finale aired on January 5, 2020. There’s no news about a Season 2 yet, but the first installment has been very well received, even winning awards in Belgium, where it debuted. Moreover, Deadline reported that the show is supposed to tackle a high stakes case ‘each season,’ denoting we are likely to get more than one installment.

If ‘The Twelve’ does return for Season 2, we won’t see it for quite some time, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the earliest we might see the new season is next year or even 2022. Our best guess is that ‘The Twelve’ Season 2 is likely to release in Fall 2021.

The Twelve Season 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

In all likelihood, ‘The Twelve’ Season 2 will have a completely different cast. Since the format of the series denotes that each season will tackle a new case, we will see a new group of jurors at the front and center. Thus, we can expect new members to come on board for the show. In Season 1, we have seen some fantastic performances from the likes of Maaike Neuville as Delphine Nails and Charlotte De Bruyne as Holly Ceusters. We expect to see similar performances in the new season too.

The Twelve Season 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

‘The Twelve’ Season 2 will have a completely different storyline from Season 1, and yet, structurally, it will be the same. The first season shows jurors coming on board for a controversial case where a woman has murdered her own blood. Instead of focusing on the drama inside the courtroom, most of the story takes place outside. We learn more about the jurors’ lives and experiences, which colors their perceptions inside the courthouse.

While it is impossible to say what kind of case the jurors will sit for, in Season 2, we are sure that the series will take a similar approach, once again proving how we are often the products of our environments, without realizing it. Either way, the narrative has been gripping in Season 1, and ‘The Twelve’ has hit upon a successful formula. There’s no reason to change it up in the upcoming season.

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