The Undoing Finale: What to Expect?

As HBO/Sky Atlantic’s ‘The Undoing’ is rapidly approaching its finale, the six-part thriller-drama miniseries continues to reveal more mysteries surrounding all of its characters. The penultimate episode, titled ‘Trial by Fury’, shows the early part of the trial. The prosecution, led by Catherine Stamper, puts Detective Mendoza and Fernando on the stand.

Mendoza and Fernando’s testimonies begin to come apart under Haley Fitzgerald’s scrutiny. The narrative shifts back and forth between Jonathan and Grace’s perspectives. Henry’s point of view also gets significant attention. With an explosive ending, the fifth episode sets the stage for the finale. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of the series.

The Undoing Finale Release Date

‘The Undoing’ episode 6 or the finale will release on Sunday, November 29, 2020, at 9 pm ET on HBO. It will also simultaneously become available on HBO Latino and HBO Max. The viewers in the UK can watch the episode on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on Monday, November 30, 2020.

Where to Watch The Undoing Finale Online?

As mentioned above, ‘The Undoing’ is available to stream on HBO Max and NOW TV. Both services offer seven-day free trial plans for their prospective subscribers. The former requires $14.99 per month for a continued subscription, while the latter asks for £9.99 per month. Viewers can catch the show on HBO Now or DirecTV. Fans of the series can also watch the show with an HBO add-on through YouTube TV, Hulu, Prime Video, or the Roku Channel.

The Undoing Finale Spoilers

‘The Undoing’ episode 6, titled ‘The Bloody Truth,’ is surely going to be sensational. Both Jonathan and Grace might take the stand for the defense. With the revelation that Henry had the murder weapon all along, his parents might wonder if he killed Elena. After what he has been put through, Fernando has become emotionally distraught. During Haley’s cross-examination, he seems absolutely furious with her. He might snap and physically attack her in the coming episode. As it is the finale, ‘The Bloody Truth’ is going to reveal who actually killed Elena.

The Undoing Episode 5 Recap

Most of episode 5 revolves around the trial. In her opening statement, Stamper establishes the brutality of the crime to the jury, which includes seven women. After letting Jonathan show his charming side on national television, Haley builds on the image and points the jury’s attention elsewhere. Through questioning both Mendoza and Fernando, she demonstrates what she claims as discrepancies in the investigation. Henry is hopeful about the case’s outcome and thinks that his parents will ultimately get back together.

Another of Jonathan’s lies is revealed. His 4-year-old sister, Katie, and not his pet dog, died after being hit by a car when Jonathan was young. Although he claims that the grief and remorse he felt after the incident led him to pediatric oncology, his mother Janet refutes this during a video call with Grace. She tells her daughter-in-law that Jonathan never showed any reaction to Katie’s death and left home as soon as he can. This makes Sylvia and Grace wonder if Jonathan is a sociopath. In the closing scenes, Grace discovers the murder weapon in Henry’s violin case.

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