The Unlisted Season 2: Premiere Date & Cast

‘The Unlisted’ is an Australian sci-fi teen drama that revolves around two 12-year-old identical twins, who join hands with a crew of unknown vigilante kids in order to stop a sinister organization that is aiming to control the country’s youngsters. Created by Justine Flynn, ‘The Unlisted’ is directed by Rhys Graham, Justine Flynn, Neil Sharma, Nick Verso, Lucy Gaffy and Rebecca O’Brien. Produced by Aquarius Films, the series airs in ABC in Australia and on Netflix internationally. The producers describe the show as ““a sophisticated, action-packed sci-fi conspiracy thriller for the tween and teen market.”

After a successful first season, will there be a The Unlisted season 2? Here’s everything we know.

The Unlisted Cast: Who is in it?

The lead cast of ‘The Unlisted’ comprises of Ved Rao as Kal Sharma, Vrund Rao as Dru Sharma, Miah Madden as Kymara, Abigail Adriano as Rose, Nya Cofie as Jacob, and Jean Hinchliffe as Gemma.

If the show gets renewed, you can expect all the main cast members to be back.

The Unlisted Plot: What is it about?

‘The Unlisted’ is an entertaining, fast-paced sci-fi drama that is specially curated for the younger generation. The show revolves around 12-year old identical twins Dru and Kal who make a shocking discovery. They decipher that a consortium named Infinity Group, formed by the globe’s richest citizens, is planning to control and manipulate Australia’s youth via tracking devices — highly advanced electronic implants. The organization aims to use these youngsters to further their evil intentions. Infinity Group carries out these illegal activities under the guise of a charitable group, Global Child Initiative. Dru and Kal, team up with a crew of underground vigilante kids, namely The Unlisted, and vow to stop Infinity Group before time runs out.

The story begins with Dru ditching a dentist’s appointment by sending Kal in his place. But in the midst of Diwali celebrations, they notice that Kal has picked up some special abilities. This forces the boys to think if this might be a signal from their recently disappeared classmate Tim. This prompts the twins to dive a bit deeper and they discover the Infinity Group. Further investigations bring them face to face with a vigilante kids’ group that lives in an underground tunnel. After meeting them, Dru and Kal understand the sinister orchestrations of the Infinity Group and the Global Child Initiative (GCI).

Meanwhile, Tim returns to school and the twins notice that he is behaving strangely. Additional complications arise when their own aunt decides to join the GCI. Now, the duo cannot decide if they can place their trust in their own family. There is also the arrival of a Chinese student named Jiao that puts the boys under increased scrutiny. However, Jiao eventually earns Dru and Kal’s friendship after helping them out of a tricky situation.

A twist in the story leads to two of The Unlisted members, Rose and Mack, being captured and taken to Infinity Group’s CEO, Emma Ainsworth. However, The Unlisted plan a risky rescue mission and sends a message to the abducted kids through the twins’ aunt. They manage to execute the escape plan and rescue Rose and Mack but now the Infinity Group is desperately trying to track them down.

On the other hand, Kal’s behavior becomes more erratic. When The Unlisted hatches a plan to finally take down Infinity Group’s headquarters, they unluckily walk into a trap. To make matters worse, Kal, who is now completely under the control of Infinity Group, is sent to track down his twin. Toward the end, The Unlisted and Dru make a last-ditch attempt to completely break down Infinity Group. But they face a dead-end when Emma Ainsworth introduces Kal to the world. She also stumbles across a secret that is the main key in destroying Infinity Group’s sinister agenda.

Season 1 ends with The Unlisted filming a manifesto and taking to the streets the message. During the Global Child Congress, The Unlisted break into CGI headquarters where Kal and Dru are able to ultimately free everyone from the spell of Infinity Group.

Though, in the final scene of the first season, when Kal and Dru call it a day and go to sleep, spider-like robots crawl into their ears. This confirms our suspicion: the Initiative isn’t done with them yet. In season 2, we might see how Kal and his friends counter this challenge. Previously, Dru identified the problem because he was on the outside. He was not under the effect of the implant. But this time, both the twins have those spidery things wading around in their brains. So, someone else will have to be the hero of the second season.

The Unlisted Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘The Unlisted’ season 1 premiered in Australia on ABC on September 15, 2019. It premiered for the US audience on  October 17, 2019 on Netflix. All the 15 episodes were released at the same time on the streaming platform.

As far as the next season goes, there hasn’t been any announcements from either ABC or Netflix. But there’s no question that both the networks will be tempted to renew the show, especially considering the massive success of teen dramas like ‘Stranger Things‘ and ‘13 Reasons Why‘. So, if you happen to be one of the fans of the show, you can remain positive about show’s chances of getting another season. And if renewed, ‘The Unlisted’ season 2 will most likely come out sometime by the end of 2020.

The Unlisted Trailer:

You can watch the official trailer for ‘The Unlisted’ Season 1 below. If you want to watch all the episodes head to Netflix.

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