When Does The UnXplained Come Back on History?

It is definitely mind-numbing that after the leaps science has made in research, inventions, and technology, we are yet to discover the answers to so many puzzling questions. For instance, have extraterrestrials ever landed on earth? Who created Stonehenge and with what purpose? Attempting to offer explanations to some of these strange phenomena is History’s ‘The UneXplained’.

From the creator and producer of History smash hits such as ‘Ancient Aliens‘ and ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, this documentary is executive produced by Kevin Burns. The educational series, in each of its one-hour-long episodes, dives deep into the planet’s most fascinating, bizarre, and inexplicable mysteries. The first season of ‘The UnXplained’ received a great response, because of which it was renewed for a second season. Now, the question is, when will ‘The UnXplained’ season 3 land on tv screens? Let’s find out.

The UnXplained Season 3 Release Date:

‘The UnXplained’ season 2 premiered on February 29, 2020, on History Channel, and came to an end on April 25, 2020, after a run of eight episodes. The show was another fascinating addition to History’s slate of shows exploring the “unknown” such as ‘Ancient Aliens’ and ‘Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation’.

If you see the trend of each of the above series, you might note that all of them have been renewed for more than one season. In fact, ‘Ancient Aliens’ is one of the longest-running non-fiction shows on the platform. The good news is that ‘The UnXplained’ is no different as History Channel has renewed the show for its 3rd season. ‘The UnXplained’ season 3 is slated to premiere on July 11, 2020, at 9/8 c.

The UnXplained Season 3 Host

Emmy-Award-winning actor, William Shatner, who is a cultural icon, primarily recognized for his character depiction of  Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise in the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, hosts every episode of ‘The UnXplained’. He has previously hosted other successful shows such as ‘Rescue 911’ on CBS and ‘Raw Nerve’ on the Biography Channel.

Apart from him, the show also features reputed scientists, historians, witnesses, and experiencers as they pitch in to lend valuable insights into the various strange phenomena explored throughout the series. When asked about his role in ‘The UnExplained’, this is what Shatner had to say: “I’m thrilled to be hosting and producing the new HISTORY series ‘The UnXplained’. It’s an intriguing show that will offer viewers credible answers to questions about mysterious phenomena, while also leaving other theories left unexplained.” Shatner is already confirmed to be back as the host for season 3.

What Can The UnXplained Season 3 be About?

‘The UnXplained’ is an anthology series that attempts to tackle some of the strangest subjects that have puzzled humans for centuries. It tries to explain these weird happenings with the help of experts from the fields of science, history, engineering. and research. With credible, authentic, and factual information, it sheds light on how can the impossible possibly happen? Some of the topics featured are the erection of colossal structures, cursed ancient cities, extraterrestrial sightings, and bizarre rituals.

For instance, one episode showcases Florida’s Coral Castle while another explores the history behind cursed places such as the White City of Honduras. If you did not know already, Coral Castle has many legends surrounding its creation. One such theory claims that the structure was single-handedly erected by Leedskalnin using reverse magnetism or supernatural abilities! It’s still a mystery that how could anyone carry these humongous megalithic stones, weighing several tons.

On the other hand, Honduras’s White City is believed to be some kind of settlement — located deep within the unpenetrable wilderness of tropical rainforests. It houses many archaeological ruins, but the area is located nowhere close to any urban civilization. Natives believe that the ancient Gods had retreated there in their search for a sanctuary. Others hold the opinion that it is still protected by ancient deities and any intruder will meet with an untimely death.

Again, there are the killing fields of Japan, which are infamous for luring people to enter and commit suicide. The show highlights certain locales that are notoriously known to attract evil or hoard bad deeds — including an amusement park where people died and which is shuttered now. We even meet individuals who have supposedly survived the worst things that could possibly happen to any human.

For instance, there is this woman who’s been struck by lightning more than two times and another is a victim of an accident who rises from a comatose state, only to start playing the piano. Previously, he did not even know to use one! When it comes to aliens and the fantasy surrounding them, it is worthwhile to mention that the show mentions accredited people who actually saw them, such as airline and military pilots. And these are examples that cannot be ignored.

In season 3, you can expect to see many more fascinating tales from history that have never been answered.

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