The Village 2: Will There be a Sequel?

‘The Village’ is a Japanese thriller drama film directed by Michihito Fujii that revolves around Yu Katayama and his contentious relationship with his scenic but suffocating village called Kamonmura. Burdened by his family’s past and their ever-growing financial debt, Yu works at a garbage disposal facility. Yu’s life, with no hopes or ambitions, soon finds a flicker of optimism when childhood friend Misaki returns to the village from Tokyo. While trying to turn his life around, Yu discovers the desolate underbelly of life in Kamonmura and its many secrets.

The film delves into the universal feeling of isolation and initiates a thought-provoking conversation about community and individualism. If you found a connection with the narrative and its relatable characters, you must be curious to know if there’s a possibility for a continuation within the story. If so, here is everything we know about a potential sequel for ‘The Village.’

Will There Be a The Village 2?

‘The Village’ saw a nationwide release in Japan on April 21, 2023. Shortly after, the film was featured at the Shanghai International Film Festival on June 11 and ultimately became available for streaming on June 16. The film was well-received by the audience that resonated with the political commentary that the film presents. However, unlike Fujii’s 2019 drama film, ‘The Journalist,’ ‘The Village’ has yet to garner any significant critical attention. Nevertheless, the possibility of a sequel for the film will be affected by various other factors at play.

Regarding a future continuation of the story, studio executives and filmmakers haven’t made any announcements that may hint at the same. In fact, Writer/Director Michihito Fujii has already come out with a new movie, ‘Saigo Made Iku.’ Moreover, Fujii is hardly known for making sequels and has a passion for finding new ways to expand his craft by tackling new projects. Nevertheless, should a sequel be greenlit for ‘The Village,’ certain aspects of the storyline could be explored further.

The film ends with a full-circle ending that provides a satisfying conclusion to its thematic narrative. Still, it leaves the viewers to wonder about the fate of numerous characters. Both Yu and Misaki find their ambiguous endings, and the future of Kamonmura is left up to the viewers’ imagination. Although these conclusions align well with the film’s overall essence, it also leaves some loose ends that a sequel could pick up on.

Likewise, Keiichi’s story can also present an interesting follow-up to ‘The Village.’ Although Keiichi is a minor character for the bulk of the film, in the end, his story presents a crucial metaphor for the film’s message. Keiichi, a classic by-the-book young man, eventually discovers the harsh truths of reality and leaves behind his community for a self-dependant shot at life. As such, Keiichi’s story can be instrumental in further exploring the community vs. individualism idea presented in ‘The Village.’

As of yet, Fujii has expressed interest in working again with lead actor Ryûsei Yokohama, jokingly pitching his wish to work on a romantic story next. Still, the pair has worked on numerous unrelated projects together, including Fujii’s critically acclaimed ‘The Journalist.’ As such, even if the duo fails to collaborate on a sequel for ‘The Village,’ fans can hope to see them working together again on another project. Additionally, the thriller genre rarely sees a successful sequel and tends to shy away from the same.

Nonetheless, filmmakers may find the desire to continue the story should ‘The Village’ outperform the filmmaker’s expectation. Since ‘The Village’ is accessible to a global audience through Netflix’s platform, it may find online support from fans. In any case, if a sequel gets greenlit, it will likely need time to be fleshed out. As such, the earliest that viewers can expect a sequel to release is sometime in late 2024 or early 2025. However, fans would find it best not to get their hopes up about a sequel or a spin-off until a firm confirmation from the people involved in the film’s making.

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