When Will The Walking Dead: World Beyond Premiere?

‘The Walking Dead’ presents the most epic zombie, post-apocalyptic universe ever seen. Period. The AMC series has become a mega-franchise, having led to the creation of the spin-off series, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and now ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond.’ Apart from that, there have been seven web series as well!

‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ was announced at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con. It was later confirmed that the show would consist of two seasons.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ was all set to release on April 12, 2020. However, the series has been unfortunately delayed. The reason provided for the delay is the Coronavirus situation and the resultant lockdown.

The sixteenth episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ has been delayed because of the same reason as well. With regards to that, AMC shared how post-production work for the season finale was still pending despite the filming having been completed. The same can be assumed for ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond.’ Sadly, nobody knows when ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ can be expected. Probably not even AMC. It all depends on when the lockdown is lifted and when AMC can start post-production work.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Cast: Who is in it?

First things first, Andrew Lincoln is going to be appearing on ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ as Rick Grimes (obviously). However, he will only be appearing for a brief stint.

‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ follows two sisters and their friends. The four teenagers are played by Alexa Mansour, Nicolas Cantu, Hal Cumpston, and Aliyah Royale. Mansour is an American actress of mixed heritage and has appeared in projects such as ‘Earthtastrophe.’ She plays a character named Hope.

Nicholas Cantu, on the other hand, has starred in various Old Navy advertisements and projects such as ‘Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie.’ He plays a character named Elton. Cumpston is an Australian artist who is best known for writing and acting in ‘Bilched.’ He stars as Silas. Aliyah Royale, on the other hand, has starred in projects like ‘The Red Line’ and ‘War Paint’ and will essay the role of a character named Iris.

Apart from the four actors mentioned above, Annet Mahendru from ‘The Americans’ is also a part of ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond.’ Nico Tortorella and Julia Ormond are also a part of the series.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Plot: What is it Going To Be About?

‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ is a glorious combination of zombie apocalypse fiction and coming-of-age drama. The show is set ten years after the apocalypse in Nebraska. It follows four teenagers who belong to the “first generation” of humans to come of age in the apocalypse. The series teases how each of them will have to make a choice between the good and the bad.

In the teaser (attached at the end of the article), the character of Rick Grimes makes a brief appearance. It is speculated that ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ will connect itself to ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ making the universe more cohesively inter-linked.

In the teaser, a three-ringed symbol dominates the frame. One of the characters in the trailer says, “If you see someone wearing this jacket, you should be afraid.” The three-ringed symbol belongs to a militarized group that is believed to be the connective force between the three shows. According to a few reports, ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ will also serve some new mythology.

The four teens will be seen going on a cross-country trip, which is obviously going to be quite risky. The first episode will perhaps highlight what leads the teenagers to make such a risky decision.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Teaser and Trailer

You can watch both the teaser and the trailer for ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ below:

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