The White Lotus Season 2: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Mario Perez/HBO

Created by Mike White, ‘The White Lotus’ is an enthralling and satirical tale of greed, hypocrisy, and human behavior. It revolves around a group of vacationers who come to the eponymous hotel in Hawaii to spend a week there. Their interactions with each other and the staff make up the bulk of the show. Following its premiere, the series has received widespread positive reviews, with critics praising it for the vicious humor that White has masterfully implemented in every scene of the show. If you have already watched the sensational season 1 finale and are wondering whether there will be a season 2 of the series, we got you covered.

The White Lotus Season 2 Release Date

‘The White Lotus’ season 1 premiered on July 11, 2021, on HBO and aired 6 episodes before concluding on August 15, 2021. All the episodes of the first season are available on HBO Max.

As far as season 2 is concerned, here’s what we know. On August 10, 2021, a few days before the release of the season finale, HBO announced that ‘The White Lotus’ has been renewed for a sophomore season. The network also revealed that season 2 would be set in a completely different setting and mainly feature a brand-new cast. “The next chapter of The White Lotus leaves Hawaii behind and follows a different group of vacationers as they jet to another White Lotus property and settle in temporarily amongst its inhabitants,” HBO stated in a press release.

According to Francesca Orsi, EVP Programming at HBO, White has created a quintessential HBO series with ‘The White Lotus,’ and the network is extremely excited about where the story is going next. Considering the COVID situation is still prevalent across the world, it is bound to have some effects on filming, no matter which location they have chosen as the setting for the second season. Taking the aforementioned factors into consideration, we expect ‘The White Lotus’ season 2 to release sometime in 2022.

The White Lotus Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

In ‘The White Lotus’ season 1, Murray Bartlett stars as Armond, the manager of the White Lotus; Steve Zahn as Mark Mossbacher, one of the vacationers; Connie Britton as Nicole Mossbacher, Mark’s wife, who is much more financially successful than him; Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid, a wealthy woman dealing with the grief of losing her mother; Fred Hechinger as Quinn, Mark and Nicole’s son; Sydney Sweeney as Olivia, Mark and Nicole’s daughter; and Brittany O’Grady as Paula, a friend of Olivia.

The talented cast also comprises Jake Lacy as Shane Patton, one-half of the couple on a honeymoon, while Alexandra Daddario appears as Rachel, the other half of the seemingly idyllic couple. Natasha Rothwell essays the character of Belinda, the spa manager at the hotel. The series also stars Molly Shannon as Shane’s mother Kitty, Kekoa Kekumano as Kai, and Lukas Gage as Dillion.

As mentioned above, season 2 will have a fresh cast comprising talented actors. However, some cast members of season 1 might appear in the second season to maintain a degree of continuity. This will probably not include Bartlett, whose character dies in the first season.

The White Lotus Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In the season 1 finale, Shane finally gets to complain to Armond’s boss and gets him fired. Armond subsequently spends the evening drinking alcohol and snorting Xanax. When he thinks Rachel and Shane are out, he sneaks into their room and defecates inside Shane’s luggage. Shane ends up accidentally stabbing and killing him. Kai gets arrested, and Nicole’s jewelry pieces are returned. Although Olivia knows that Paula helped Kai, she chooses not to tell her parents. Quinn decides to stay in Hawaii. Tanya scatters her mother’s ashes and declines to invest in Belinda’s spa.

Season 2 will most likely revolve around a brand new group of vacationers and staffers that attend them. The second season will be as smart and satirical as the first one. It might also feature characters that fit stereotypes, such as newlyweds, a large dysfunctional family, a neurotic individual, and someone dealing with addiction. The forthcoming season will probably have a murder as the main plot device, as it is in the first season.

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