When Does The World of The Married Episode 9 Come Out?

‘The World of the Married’ is a Korean-Drama which is based on the popular British television series ‘Doctor Foster.’ Written by Joo Hyun and directed by Mo Wan-Il, this show has been breaking viewership records since its premiere on March 27, 2020. The last episode had a nationwide rating of approximately 20.1%, and the Seoul rating in itself was 22.2%. If the show keeps on progressing the way that it is, these ratings will only go higher.

The show revolves around a self-made doctor, Ji Sun-Woo, who specializes in family medicine, as she tries to deal with the truth behind her seemingly perfect marriage. She went from having it all to being betrayed in such a way that it made her wonder if anything was ever real.

The show follows such speed and drama that it keeps the audience engrossed in every second of every scene in an episode. You just can’t look away. In the previous episodes, Ji Sun-Woo finds out that her husband, Lee Tae-Oh, has been cheating on her, and has taken money against their family home from the bank.

Sun-Woo decides to get back at him and stops at nothing to get a divorce from him on her own terms with the sole custody of their son. For this, she gets involved with Son Je-Hyuk and tells Da-Kyung’s parents about her affair and pregnancy with her husband. A lot of foreshadowing is included in these previous episodes as well.

Now, after two years, Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung are back in their hometown with their daughter and seem happier than ever, but the true intentions of their return quickly come to light when Tae-Oh starts terrorizing Sun-Woo with threatening notes, rocks through her window, and even a break-in. All he wants to do now is ruin Sun-woo’s life like the way she ruined his, but worse. With the show just having reached its halfway mark, there is still a lot of suspense about what can and will happen, and we can’t wait to watch how it all unfolds.

The World of the Married Episode 9 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘The World of the Married’ episode 9 will air on April 24, 2020, at 22:50 KST, i.e., 6:50 AM PT on the JTBC network in Korea. The show will release two new episodes every Friday and Saturday at the same time slot and will wind up with its 16th episode on May 16, 2020.

Where to Watch The World of the Married Episode 9 Online?

You can stream ‘The World of the Married’ on Viu with English subtitles after it has premiered in Korea. Unfortunately, since it is only on Viu, it is available only to certain Southeast Asian regions.

The World of the Married Episode 9 Spoilers

Episode 9 will pick up right where the previous episode ended. Even though Sun-Woo won the first battle with the divorce and her son’s custody and is seemingly unchanged from who she used to be before all the drama in her life began, things are about to change really quickly.

Surrounded by liars and hypocrites, Sun-Woo will need to make her way for herself and protect her little family, but it does seem like she’ll receive some help from Ye-Rim. With Yong-Gi’s character added to the story as well, things are getting even more interesting. Of course, Je-Hyuk, Joon-Young, Myung-sook, and Myung-sook will have a vital role to play as well.

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