This is Us Season 6 Release Date, New Cast and Plot Details

Image Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ is a sentimental family drama that revolves around the Pearson family. Focusing on the complex dynamic between siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall, the well-loved show explores themes of communication, familial bonding, parenting, emotional trauma, alcoholism, self-esteem, and racism. Created by Dan Fogelman, the series chronicles the interconnected stories of the three siblings and their parents, Jack and Rebecca, by diving in and out of the past, present, and future.

Since its premiere on September 20, 2016, ‘This Is Us’ has garnered a truly massive fanbase that cherishes the realism with which the show touches upon everyday family problems. With a fantastic cast and heart-wrenching storylines, this family drama has kept us firmly hooked and tearful throughout its five seasons. Naturally, fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment of the show. So, let us share with you everything you need to know about ‘This Is Us’ season 6.

This Is Us Season 6 Release Date

‘This Is Us’ season five premiered on October 27, 2020, on NBC, with the season finale airing on May 25, 2021. The season comprises 16 episodes with a runtime of approximately 45 minutes each.

Now, let’s talk about season 6. On May 12, 2019, ‘This Is Us’ was renewed for seasons 4, 5, and 6. However, there’s bittersweet news regarding the show’s sixth installment. Why? Because on May 12, 2021, NBC announced that season 6 will be the show’s final run. “We never set out to make a television series that was going to last 18 seasons, so we have a very direct plan,” said showrunner Fogelman.

While this certainly is saddening news, we understand that it is important for the show to reach its natural conclusion and do justice to the characters it has cultivated over the course of five installments. Filming for season 6 began in September 2021 and is expected to wrap up by the end of 2021. The sixth installment will forgo its usual Fall schedule in favor of a midseason one in order to avoid interruptions in the broadcast schedule.

Keeping all the above-mentioned information in mind, fans can expect ‘This Is Us’ season 6 to premiere in January 2022. The sixth season will comprise 18 episodes. Perhaps in the future, ‘This Is Us’ will find itself making another season, a revival, or a reboot. The future’s not set in stone, right? However, for now, we must prepare to say goodbye to this precious family drama.

This Is Us Season 6 Cast: Who is in it?

The original cast is reprising their roles in the sixth and final season of ‘This Is Us.’ This includes Mandy Moore (Rebecca Pearson), Milo Ventimiglia (Jack Pearson), Sterling K. Brown (Randall Pearson), Justin Hartley (Kevin Pearson), Chrissy Metz (Kate Pearson), and Jon Huertas (Miguel Rivas). Also reprising their roles are Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth Pearson), Chris Sullivan (Toby Damon), Caitlin Thompson (Madison Simons), Eris Baker (Tess Pearson), Lyric Ross (Deja Pearson), Faithe Herman (Annie Pearson), and Asante Blackk (Malik Hodges).

Chris Geere will be back in season 6 to portray Phillip, and Ron Cephas Jones might play William Hill in flashback scenes. Additionally, returning for the final installment are Isabella Rose Landau (little Kate), Kaz Womack (little Kevin), and Ca’Ron Jaden Coleman (little Randall). We may also see fresh faces alongside the original cast.

This Is Us Season 6 Plot: What is it About?

Season 5 finally reveals the story of Randall’s birth mother. Rebecca apologizes to Randall for hiding the truth about his biological parents. Madison calls off her wedding with Kevin, realizing that he’s marrying her only because she’s the mother of his child. The Pearson siblings grapple with their mother’s Alzheimer’s. Rebecca asks Kevin to build her the house Jack always wanted for her. A time jump into the future shows Kate marrying her boss Phillip, although the present sees her in a complicated relationship with Toby.

Season 6 will be set in the time period of Kate’s second marriage. Thus, it can be expected to explore Kate and Toby’s split as well as the events leading up to Kate and Phillip’s union. It will likely touch upon Kevin and Madison’s relationship as well. Additionally, we will see the siblings reconnecting with Rebecca, who will be bedridden. The final season intends to resolve all the story arcs pertaining to our beloved characters and explain the time jumps. Be sure to keep tissues at hand when this upcoming season premieres because it’s going to be one hell of an emotional rollercoaster!

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