Tidelands Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

The sea does not forgive. There is something hauntingly mesmerizing about water, and the way it hides all its secrets, you never know what you will find underwater. The new Netflix Original Tidelands is a dark and twisted fantasy series. The intense drama has some strong female leads and a very compelling storyline.

The show is produced by Hoodlum Entertainment and created by Stephen Irwin and Leigh Mcgrath. Tidelands is Netflix’s first original Australian series directed by Toa Fraser, Emma Freema, Catriona Mckenzie, and Daniel Nettheim each directed two episodes of the show. The show has some great music which you will definitely want to add to your playlist. Netflix premiered the first season of this Australian production on December 14, 2018.

Tidelands Cast: Who is in it?

The cast has some great female leads played by Charlotte Best (Cal Mcteer) and Elsa Pataky (Adreille). Aaron Jakunenko plays the role of Cal’s older brother Augie Mcteer. Jet Tranter, Richard Davies, Alex Dimitriades, Peter O’Brien play other supporting characters in the show.

Tidelands Plot: What is it about?

Cal Mcteer returns to her hometown after ten years of being incarcerated for killing a police officer when she was just 14. She comes home to an alcoholic step-mother and a secretive older brother. She soon finds out that the family fishing business is simply a front and there are many secrets yet unknown to her. The residents of Queensland town of Orphellian Bay are half-sirens and part human. The magical beings are exactly how they have been described in mythologies, sexy, strong, and deadly. Cal discovers her true heritage through death, drama, and violence.

In the finale, Cal must face the beautiful and dangerous queen of the Tidelanders – Adreille. The show is rather dark and twisted with a lot of graphic scenes. There is some nudity and violence that intensifies the pace of story-telling. The beautiful scenery adds contrast to all the horrible things that are happening to the characters. Giving away more of the plot will only take away from the intensity of the story since there are some unexpected deaths as well.

If you enjoy fast-paced drama, Tidelands will have you mesmerized. Tidelands compelling storyline has been acknowledged for its fresh take on merpeople who have been part of folklore since time immemorial. Who knew that mermaids could be so deadly? These sirens are not like our Disney sea princess Ariel; they hate humans and will kill anyone that does not fit in with their plans.

As per the Guardian, Australia is known to produce TV that has unorthodox forms of characters imitating human beings to draw attention towards human nature, and Tidelands, as a fantasy series belongs to the very roster of programs that exhibits such characteristics. “Tidelands belongs to a spate of recent Australian television productions that create unconventional forms of humans or human-esque characters as a means to ponder the things that bind people together and things that tear us apart. In Cleverman it was the “Hairies”; in Glitch the undead; in The Kettering Incident, well, no spoilers; and in Stan’s upcoming Bloom, people who have drunk from the fountain of youth – the symbolic elixir hardened into the form of magic berries.”

Each episode of Tidelands has a run time of 40 minutes and since it has only eight episodes the pace is quick and the buildup for the finale is intense. Watch as Cal Mcteer takes her rightful place and embraces her magic. The fantasy angle adds charm to the series. There are plenty of beach bodies for you to drool over and the subplot of the drug cartels enhances the drama of the main plot. The locations used for filming the show are mesmerizing. A special mention to the female power of Tidelands for reminding us that a beautiful woman can be fierce and headstrong.

Executive Producer Nathan Mayfield commented that Netflix decided to produce Tidelands because “they’d been pitched a lot of stuff in Australia, but nothing that felt big. I think everything had felt true to an Australian audience, but [they] hadn’t really thought about what it looked like as a global show.“ He continued to say that Tideland’s creators had full control of the series and it gave its writers the choice to be “big, be bold and play in worlds that are rarely seen on Australian TV — in crime, thriller and supernatural.”

Tidelands Season 2 Release Date: When Will it premiere?

Tidelands season 1 premiered on December 14, 2018. Since then there has been no announcements made on the next season of the show. Though, considering it is the first Australian production and a rather successful one at that, Netflix is more than likely to continue with the series. If renewed, we can expect season 2 of Tidelands have a release date sometime in December 2019.

However, the way things stand, for now, the release dates for season 2 remain uncertain. We will be constantly monitoring the likely sources and let you know as soon as any concrete news regarding the renewal status or the tentative air dates of the probable Tidelands season 2 comes out. So, be sure to bookmark this page for latest updates on this.

Tidelands Trailer:

Drugs, murder, sirens, mysteries- Tidelands has it all. Tidelands is all about strong female characters. Watch it with your girlfriends and cheer for girl power. There is so much more we want to see of Orphelin bay and its mysterious residents but for now, since there have been no news or updates, fans will have to wait for official announcements. Meanwhile, you could also watch the debut season online on Netflix. If you have been looking to dig into the show for the first time, a great head start would be the official trailer for the original first season, which you can find below:

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