Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Carly might be spending her first Christmas without her mother. Seeking to avoid loneliness during the holiday season, she takes up a small gig to lead a church choir’s Christmas program in a quaint town. While out and about, she runs into Matthew, a soldier back from his service. The pair hit it off and she suggests his involvement in the choir. However, she stumbles onto clues that may lead to the unraveling of an intriguing mystery that will take her on a life-changing journey.

Carly begins to think her visit was predetermined as she begins to learn about trust and true love, forgiving herself, and healing from her past. Directed by Ali Liebert, the film is a part of Hallmark’s Movies and Mysteries, Miracles of Christmas event. It is set in a cozy town bustling with Christmas activity, making you wonder where its filming took place.

Where Was Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas Filmed?

‘Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas’ was filmed almost entirely in Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia. Filming began in late June 2023 and was wrapped up by early July of the same year. Let us take a look at the filming location used for the production and the cast involved in it.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The coastal city of Vancouver provides a diverse cityscape and boasts a thriving filming infrastructure to attract filmmakers. Its mix of urban, mountain, coastal, and forest landscapes has drawn film crews from far and wide, giving it an impressive track record as a filming-friendly city. Hallmark movies have regularly found sets in and around the city, countless times over the years. Apart from ‘Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas,’ multiple holiday films were shot in Vancouver, such as, ‘Magic in Mistletoe,’ ‘Christmas on Cherry Lane,’ ‘Heaven Down Here,’ ‘Sealed with a List,’ and ‘To All a Good Night.’

During June and July of 2023, when the movie was being filmed, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) had gone on a particularly heated stretch of their strike when negotiations with streaming companies and studios fell through. This affected the industry in Canada as well since many of their actors and crew members were from the US. As such challenges may have been posed for the filming of this movie, and might be the reason the cast and crew were discouraged from sharing the filming on social media.

Speaking of the disruption in Great Victoria, Kathleen Gilbert, film commissioner with the Vancouver Island South Film and Media Commission, said, “It’s going to be a very difficult summer for our local crew. Even the Hallmark movies that get filmed here, a lot of those actors are American actors.”

Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas Cast

The Hallmark movie is led by seasoned actors, Shenae Grimes-Beech as Carly and Chris Carmack as Matthew. Shenae is known for her work in ‘Scream 4’ as Trudie, ‘The Cross Road’ as Bridget, ‘90210’ as Annie Wilson, and ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ as Darcy Edwards. Chris Carmack has gained considerable popularity for his role as Dr. Atticus Lincoln in ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ His other works include ‘Nashville’ as Will Lexington, ‘The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations’ as Sam Reide, and ‘The O.C.’ as Luke Ward.

Other cast members include Janet Kidder as Susan, Brian Markinson as Pastor John, Lauren Jackson as Jenny, Jay Brazeau as George, Grace Leer as Riley, Josh Zaharia as Tyler, Katrina Reynolds as Alice, Kathleen Duborg as Diane, and Madeleine Kelders as Mrs. Richards.

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