To LOVE-Ru Darkness Season 3: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

To get things straight, ‘To LOVE-Ru Darkness’ is not for everyone. If you don’t enjoy shows that have a lot of fan-service and have a basic premise that revolves around Ecchi, then this one is definitely not for you. Now that we have that out of the picture, the reason why this anime has been doing so well all this while is that unlike other Harem anime, this one actually has a plot. It offers great artwork, characters and a well-structured story that is combined with a whole lot of quality Ecchi scenes. All of these elements depend on each other and compliment each other in a way that makes the show so great overall.

‘To LOVE-Ru Darkness’ is the perfect example of fan-service being enough to make an anime great, and I would recommend it to anyone who has even little tolerance towards Adult Anime. And now that the franchise has been consistently producing a whole lot of content, which includes new seasons and OVAs, it would be a great time to become a part of its massive fan following.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘To LOVE-Ru Darkness’ Season 1 aired from October 6, 2012 to December 29, 2012. This was followed by a 12-episode Season 2 that was premiered from July 7, 2015 to October 29, 2015. Soon after this, two special episodes were released on February 26, 2016 that continued the story of Season 2. On November 2, 2017, an OVA of the anime was premiered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the entire Franchise.

Through all these years, considering the consistency of the anime, it seems like it is far from over as even the manga has not been entirely covered. It has been two years now since the last OVA of anime was released and it seems very likely that a new season will be announced soon somewhere by mid-2020. The anime is still fresh in the minds of most viewers and over the past few years, it has gained quite a huge loyal fan following. So this would actually be the best time for the creators to think about its renewal. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and hope that good news is on its way. As soon as we come to know about ‘To LOVE-Ru Darkness’ Season 3 release date, we will update this section. Till then, you can always read the manga or maybe catch up with OVAs if you missed out on them.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness English Dub:

You can watch ‘To LOVE-Ru Darkness’ on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and HiDive with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness Plot:

‘To LOVE-Ru Darkness’ revolves around a character named Rito Yuki, a shy and goofy high-school kid who admires a girl named Haruna Sairenji but is somehow not able to gather the courage to confess his feelings for her. But one day, while he sulks in his bathtub, a naked devil tailed girl named Lala appears out of nowhere and claims to be the Princess of Deviluke. Her father back home wants to get her married but she somehow runs away from home and comes on Earth. A Deviluke Commander follows her and asks her to come back home with him. But she says no and claims that she is now going to marry Rito and stay on Earth with him. This really infuriates the Devil Commander and now, he tries to attack Rito.

To save himself from this, he says that to get married, two people must first fall in love and the dim-witted Demon girl assumes that he actually cares about her feelings. This makes her fall in love with him and even the Commander approves their marriage. He even helps them convince Lala’s father and soon to his dismay, he starts helping Lala with transitioning to life on Earth. But while he does this, he still tries talking to his crush and in the meantime, he must also fight off Lala’s alien suitors, one of whom even sends an assassin named Golden Darkness to get him killed.

The story then continues and soon, Lala’s little sisters, Momo and Nana, come over to Rito’s place to stay with them. By this time, Rito starts to develop feelings for Lala and is now confused between her and the girl of his dreams – Haruna. Meanwhile, even Momo falls in love with him and instead of trying to steal him from her sister, she plots a harem around him in the hope that he will marry Lala and then become the king of Deviluke. Once he is the king, he can marry pretty much every girl who is in love with him, including Momo. While Momo tries to execute her plan, Rito encounters many other women who are from Earth and other worlds as well. Gradually all of these fall in love with him including the assassin Golden Darkness who was initially sent there to kill him. As this Harem grows bigger, Rito’s love life gets more and more complicated.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness Characters:

Momo Belia Deviluke

Momo is the twin sister of Nana and the younger sister of Lala. She is known to be the third princess of Deviluke as she is the youngest daughter of the King. Initially, she would spend almost all her time with her twin sister, but later, Nana gets more attached to Mea Kurosaki and that’s when she feels more drawn towards Rito. In the beginning, she has short frizzy pink hair with purple eyes. But after a while, when she starts falling for Rito, she straightens her hair in the hope that he will like her more. Like all the people of Deviluke, she has a spade-shaped devil’s tail and is also curvier than her twin sister.

On the outside, Momo is a sweet, kind and innocent girl but inside, she is this perverted young lady who lusts for Rito all the time and is willing to plot against her own sister to get his attention. Strangely, she even imagines Ecchi situations between Rito and other girls and that’s when she starts to drool for him even more. A lot of times, she even tries to sneak into his bed half-naked, knowing that he will be physically more active without even knowing it. For her, it’s okay if she is not Rito’s favorite lover and only hopes that all the other girls who are a part of the Harem should only be willing to share him.

Konjiki No Yami

Konjiki No Yami is one of the main characters of the series who is a lonely assassin initially hired by Lacospo, Lala’s suitor, to kill Rito. When Lacospo fails to execute the job, she decides to stay on Earth with him to do it herself. But with time, she gets really attached to him and later ends up changing her mind after falling in love with him. She has long blond hair, red eyes and the figure of a young child. She chooses to remain in this childlike form because she feels more comfortable in it, especially during combat.

On the outside, she seems to be this badass stoic person but she is actually very kind and cares deeply for the people around her. She only lashes out on people when they act like perverts. She often reads books on Earth to get a better understanding of the culture and also to understand the true meaning of love.

Mea Kurosaki

Mea is another main female protagonist of the show who is sent to Earth to bring back the old Yami. Previously before she came to Earth, she was also known as the Red Haired Mea. She is initially quite lonely, but later she becomes friends with Nana and that’s when she also meets Rito. Like all the other girls, she does not feel emotionally attached to Rito but is sexually attracted to him. When it comes to expressing her feelings to him, she usually does it in a very childish and playful manner.

Rito Yuuki

Rito Yuuki is the primary protagonist of the show who is a normal 16-year-old school-going kid. He has a huge crush on a girl named Haruna who is from his school but he never really gathers the courage to go up to her and talk to her. Later one day, he accidentally meets Lala and this sets off a chain reaction where he has a huge Harem of alien girls chasing him.

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