To Your Eternity Episode 1: What to Expect?

Based on the Japanese manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Ōima, ‘To Your Eternity’ follows an immortal being named Fushi, who arrives on Earth without any identity or feelings. Gifted with the powers to take the shape of whatever it encounters, the immortal being jumps from one form to another. However, his journey on the planet takes a dramatic turn when he meets a boy from the Arctic.

The fantasy anime series was initially scheduled for release in October 2020. However, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the premiere had to be rescheduled to spring 2021. With fans of the fantasy anime waiting eagerly for the anime adaptation of Yoshitoki’s another hit manga after the 2016 romance-drama ‘A Silent Voice,’ it’s the right time to have an overview of the pilot of ‘To Your Eternity.’

To Your Eternity Episode 1 Release Date

‘To Your Eternity’ is scheduled to release on April 12, 2021, on NHK Educational TV. Directed by Masahiko Murata, the characters are designed by Koji Yabuno. Animated by the studio Brain’s Base, the responsibility of the series composition is shouldered by Shinzō Fujita, while Ryo Kawasaki has composed the music for the fantasy anime. Interestingly, the opening theme song ‘Pink Blood’ is actually sung by the Japanese-American record producer and singer Utada Hikaru.

Where to Watch To Your Eternity Episode 1 Online?

The fantasy anime series is licensed by Crunchyroll for streaming outside Asia. Fans can watch ‘To Your Eternity’ season 1 episode 1 on Crunchyroll’s official website as soon as it is released. Medialink, the Hong Kong-based content licensor and distributor, will stream the series under Ani-One branding in Asia.

To Your Eternity Episode 1 Spoilers

Episode 1 of ‘To Your Eternity’ will capture Fushi trying to adjust to the new conditions on Earth and, with its mysterious powers, will immediately acquire different forms. As Fushi has no identity of its own, a mere replication of other people or animals won’t be enough. The lack of emotions will be a significant barrier that would stand in its way and will likely force Fushi to continue its search for meaning for years. In the meantime, It is likely to acquire new powers and consciousness.

The elusive search for identity will continue, and it seems unlikely that Fushi will find any real answers any time soon. However, the immortal being will probably meet the mysterious boy living in the Arctic by the end of the episode. It’s hard to imagine how these two beings will interact, considering how different they are from one another. They may first show reluctance, but their bonding is inevitable.

It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops over the first season and how the young boy influences the mysterious immortal being. Will Fushi be open to change? Although there will be some reluctance and inflexibility eventually, the boy from the Arctic seems to be the key to Fushi’s search for meaning and identity.

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