Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies, Ranked by Their Box Office Collections

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those few actors who have checked all the boxes: great acting abilities, huge box-office draw, big directors, star charisma. There are a very like him in Hollywood today. When you look at the box office performance of his movies you will realize that he hasn’t done a single comic-book movie or even a sequel. And yet, he is amongst the biggest actors in terms of box office collections (just check this). That is some achievement.

Today, we are going to rank his movies as per how much money they made at the box office. It is revealing that even after ‘Titanic’s’ big success he has delivered several movies that crossed the $100 million mark.


10. The Aviator – $213,741,459


9. The Departed – $289,847,354


8. Shutter Island – $294,804,195


7. The Great Gatsby – $351,040,419


6. Catch Me if You Can – $352,114,312


5. The Wolf of Wall Street – $392,000,694


4. Django Unchained – $425,368,238


3. The Revenant – $532,950,503


2. Inception – $825,532,764


1. Titanic – $2,186,772,302