Tough As Nails Season 2: Episode 1: What to Expect?

‘Tough As Nails’ is a reality television series that is essentially a physical endurance test centered around a group of individuals who have previously experienced the grit of physical labor. But the show mixes it up with glamor by showcasing people having regular blue-collar jobs on TV. The manual labor they’re ordinarily accustomed to is given a slight tweak and transformed into a basis for a game show where the participants compete against each other. They perform standard construction-related tasks, and the winner takes home a whopping $200,000. The best part about this game is that no one goes home. The eliminated contestant stays back to assist in other activities and can still bag additional prizes. The first season greatly celebrated the working class and, at the same time, presented an unprecedented game show that entertained people. After its renewal for another season, we dug into the second season premiere, and here’s what we discovered about ‘Tough As Nails’ season 2, episode 1!

Tough As Nails Season 2 Release Date

‘Tough As Nails’ season 2 episode 1 will release on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, at 8/7c on CBS. After the season premiere, the show will follow a weekly release pattern, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday. The second season comprises ten episodes with a runtime of fewer than 50 minutes each.

Where to Watch Tough As Nails Season 2 Episode 1?

You can watch ‘Tough As Nails’ season 2 episode 1 by tuning to CBS at the above-mentioned time. The episodes are also available on CBS’s official website and CBS All Access, set to air the premiere after its drops on the original network. If you don’t have an active cable connection, you can watch the show on FuboTV or DirecTV. You can alternatively purchase the episodes on Amazon Prime.

Tough As Nails Season 2 Episode 1 Spoilers

The first episode for ‘Tough As Nails’ season 2 is titled ‘Just Another Day on the Job.’ It will require the group to tackle their first job of making concrete. The first two to complete the individual task will be able to select their own crews for the team competitions. They will then compete in a 6-on-6 team challenge. Each team competition will award the winning team $12,000 ($2,000 per member), after which they will also receive a Badge of Honor for that challenge. It is then followed by an individual test, which will nominate two contenders for the Overtime Challenge: the closing face-off that declares a contestant eliminated.

Tough As Nails Season 2 Cast: Who are the Host and Contestants?

The Tough As Nails Season 2 cast includes Tara Alverson, a 38-year-old resident of Washington who works more than 12 hours a day fixing tugboats, lifts heavy equipment and pushes fuel; a pipe welder named Sarah Burkett whose biggest strength is her resilience and ability to keep going after many setbacks; Angel Castillo, a Miami based construction worker who claims to be the hardest worker in the room and is also an endearing family guy; Aracelis “Celi” Garcia, a 31-year-old nurse from Pennsylvania, who saves lives and is not afraid to get her hands dirty; Michael “Eyebrows” Guerrie, a 43-year-old buffed up bricklayer who additionally goes to the gym and takes care of his son; A 49-year-old delivery man Patrick “Freight Train” Hargan, who has fought death; Scott Henry from Utah, who is experienced in geotechnical fieldwork; Iraida Mujica, a 43-year-old Floridian who maintains the tracks of Miami-Dade Transit; Liz “Knuckles” Nichols, a 36-year-old cement mason from Massachusetts; Cyril “Zeus” Ontai III, a lineman from Honolulu with exceptional mental strength; Steelworker Swifty Sanders whose motto in life is “all work and no play!”; and a highly accomplished Air Force veteran named Merry Tengesdal who is currently a fitness trainer at a local sports club.

Phil Keoghan (widely known for hosting ‘The Amazing Race’) returns as the host for season 2.

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