Tough As Nails Season 2 Episode 6: What to Expect?

In the fifth episode of CBS’s ‘Tough As Nails’ season 2, we see the contestants scatter within a soccer stadium where they perform all kinds of tasks. The episode turned out to be special because it features the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. More details about the last episode can be found in our detailed recap. But for those of you who are geared up to watch ‘Tough As Nails’ season 2 episode 6, here’s everything we know!

Tough As Nails Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

‘Tough As Nails’ season 2 episode 6 will release on March 17, 2021, at 8 pm ET on CBS. The second season contains ten episodes, which air every Wednesday at the same time. Each episode has a runtime of less than 50 minutes.

Where to Watch Tough As Nails Season 2 Episode 6?

Fans of ‘Tough As Nails’ can watch the show on TV, as and when it airs on CBS. You also have the option to stream the episode on CBS’s official website and CBS All Access (now called Paramount+) a day after it has finished airing on the original network. If you have cut the cord, you can resort to live-TV websites like FuboTVYoutube TV, or DirecTV. The last option is to buy or rent the episodes on Apple TViTunes, and Amazon Prime Video.

Tough As Nails Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers

As of now, CBS has not released an official synopsis for ‘Tough As Nails’ season 2 episode 6. We will update this section as soon as we receive any word on what will happen in the next episode. But as viewers or fans of the show, we can expect the upcoming episode to showcase a series of inventive and competitive challenges that test the contestants for different skill sets. Every episode comprises three rounds- the team challenge, the individual task, and the Overtime Challenge, where one of the participants will get evicted.

Tough As Nails Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

In the fifth episode of ‘Tough As Nails’ season 2, titled ‘Pour Your Heart Out,’ the contestants enter a soccer stadium in Los Angeles where they tackle all sorts of challenges. As usual, the episode kicks off with the team challenge. They are assigned a task to prep the soccer pitch for an upcoming game. They have to unhook tiles interlinked to each other, repaint lines, plant flags all around. The fastest team, in turn, wins the challenge.

The Savage Crew tries to hold their team together and concentrate on working as a unit. Dirty Hands, on the other hand, focuses on getting all the different tasks done. As expected, Liz and Angel outperform the others while Scott furiously shouts out orders to the group. This is how Dirty hands ends up winning the challenge and also takes the lead. The individual task then begins, and the participants have to replace seats in the stadium. They build seven seats, and the fastest person to complete the task happens to be Scott. Liz and Sally then head to the Overtime challenge to replace five kegs and fill it up with beers in the stadium bar. Liz takes the lead right from the beginning, which causes her to win, and Sally then punches out of the competition.

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