Watch: Christian Bale in the Super-Awesome Trailer of ‘Knight of Cups’


I am a Terrence Malick fan all the way. I have loved most, if not all, of his film right from ‘Badlands’, ‘Days of Heaven’ to ‘The Tree of Life’. I even liked ‘To the Wonder’ (which most of the people hated). There is this facile and poetic way in which he tells his stories that I love and just can’t get over. With his films, I usually don’t forget the experience, days, even weeks after watching them. There are directors, even if very few now-a-days, whose film you can recognize just by one shot. They have an inimitable sense of style that you can only associate with them. Terrence Malick without a shred of doubt will fall at the top of the list of those kind of directors. He has produced a generation of filmmakers (like Shane Carruth, David Lowrey, even Christopher Nolan in ‘Interstellar’) who have tried to ape his style with varying degree of success. To sum it all, Malick is easily one of my favorite directors, therefore, it goes without saying I am eagerly anticipating ‘Knight of Cups’. But if you are not a Malick fan, even then you have a lot to look forward to, as it has a plethora of stars in it: Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Frieda Pinto.

Check out its super-awesome trailer below ..