When Will Triad Princess Season 2 Premiere On Netflix?

Typically produced in Mandarin, Taiwanese shows quickly gained popularity in East and Southeast Asia. A separate fan-base has slowly started to emerge outside Taiwan that includes the fans of K-drama as well. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of Taiwanese series is also that it primarily focuses on romance rather than crime and thriller.

The shows have very less quotient of violence and explicit scenes when compared to any other soap operas and prime-time dramas. Most of its series generally belong to the ‘idol dramas’ category. Idol dramas feature famous Taiwanese actors and singers, who are mostly in their 20s, regardless of their acting experiences. Needless to say, the shows are highly watched and famous among the youth of society.

Triad Princess is a Taiwanese romantic series that is created and produced by Netflix. This is also the second original Mandarin show produced by Netflix, the first one being Nowhere Man. Though unlike Nowhere Man, Triad Princess is nowhere dark and serious but instead, is a romantic drama with hints of comedy.

The show features a young girl, who is trying to make her own identity, away from the shadow of her father. And, in order to do so, she finds herself in the world of media and stardom. Her forged identity changes her life, both personally and professionally, and also the lives of the people involved with her. The show is directed by Neal Wu, a bestselling author and up-and-coming director. He is best known for his movie At Cafe 6, another romantic drama that was released in 2016 and claimed many international awards.

The first season of the show managed to impress many. Now the next question is: will there be a Triad Princess season 2? We will delve into that question but first, let’s quickly look into the details of the series.

Triad Princess Cast: Who’s in it?

Eugine Liu plays the lead role of Ni An Qi, also called Angie. Eugine is the granddaughter of veteran artist Gao Ming and has starred in shows like ‘Fan Club’, ‘Behind Your Smile’, and ‘Good Times’. She has also appeared in the movie ‘Mon, Mon, Mon, MONSTERSS'(2017). The actress is additionally seen as Ni Anqi in ‘Golden Path’ — Netflix’s second original Chinese album after ‘Dream Dreamer’. Eugine has, in the past, done cameos in shows like ‘True Love House’ and ‘Food Is Not Alone’.

Jasper Liu plays Xu Yi Hang. Jasper is a renowned Taiwanese model and musician who made his acting debut in 2011 as a supporting actor in ‘In Time With You’. He stars in the critically acclaimed show called ‘The Patisserie with No Name’ as the lead actor and in the following years, has given some great performances in ‘Pleasantly Surprised’, ‘Once Upon a Love’, ‘When I See You Again’, ‘Take Me To The Moon’ and many more.

Apart from the leads, the show includes Michael JQ Huang as Angie’s father, Chang Shu-Wei as Wang Jin Guo, Chang Zhang-xing, Hung Yan-siang, Tsao Yu-Ning, Lee Lee-zen, Amanda Liu, Tien Hsin, and Cecilia Choi.

Triad Princess Plot: What is it about?

Angie is a young chirpy girl with dreams really big. Belonging to a family of gangsters and as the daughter of a triad boss, she never really gets a chance to explore her life and her true identity. She always believes that her life is completely insignificant as it lacks any drama or adventure. Tired of the monotonous routine, she decides to take things in her own hands. She forges her identity and takes a gig as an undercover bodyguard of a famous actress. As the new journey begins, she meets her celebrity crush Xu Yi Hang, and both their lives change for good.

Xu Yi Hang, who has been living a lie himself under the constant scrutiny of cameras and media, finds it refreshing to be himself around Angie. Angie’s innocence and charm instantly attract him and he soon starts to love her infectious happiness. A beautiful story of emotions and romance starts to unfold before he is met with a reality check.

Angie’s background of crime and Xu Yi Hang’s stardom make them star-crossed lovers. The more Angie is in the vicinity of Hang, the more she is making her family’s business vulnerable. The media and paparazzi, who always want feeds and news about their famous celebrities, can expose Angie’s father’s business and the gang’s activities. And that means Angie and Hang cannot be together. But, as we have always known, love is never that simple.

Triad Princess Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Triad Princess season 1 premiered on December 6, 2019, on Netflix.

The show is a new approach to help the audience understand the diversity of the Asian entertainment market. While they have become familiar with the serious content the market has to offer that involves crime, law, violence, patriotism, etc., they now get to see the less serious content, which involves light-hearted comedy and romance.

Triad Princess is a show about love, friendship, and responsibility. If you are tired with so much dark content available on the streaming platforms and looking for something light and enjoyable to binge-watch, the show is perfect for you. The show in all true sense is the right example of ‘Netflix and Chill’.

Well, all the positive reviews apart, is there an update on another season? It’s too early to predict anything now. And Netflix has not come up with an official announcement yet. But if the viewership numbers are good enough and if the creators had decided for a multiple-season title, then we can definitely expect the series to make a comeback. And if everything falls in place, we can expect Triad Princess season 2 to premiere sometime in December 2020.

Triad Princess Trailer

You can catch the trailer of Triad Princess season 1 below:

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