Triptych Season 2: Possiblities Explored

Image Credit: Mayra Ortiz/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Triptych’ is a thriller series that takes inspiration from a true story about three triplets who were separated at birth. Taking a fictional approach to it, the show begins with a forensic expert named Becca finding out that she has two sisters who look exactly like her. The death of one of the triplets leads the remaining two down a rabbit hole where they make some startling discoveries about the circumstances surrounding their birth and the reason behind their separation. Created by Leticia López Margalli, the show has received a favorable response from the audience as it packs a punch in its many twists and turns. If you loved watching it and are wondering if there is a scope for its return, then here’s what you should know about it.

Triptych Season 2 Release Date

The eight-episode first season of ‘Triptych’ was released on Netflix on February 22, 2023. The series was received favorably and critically. The fact that the show takes inspiration from the real-life case of three siblings whose story has been documented in ‘Three Identical Strangers’ gives a lot of weight to the show and could to its popularity among the audience. If it receives a good amount of views, Netflix could decide to make another season. In case that doesn’t happen, the show has already tied up most of its threads.

The streaming service usually takes a little time to see how a title has been faring with the viewers, so we might have to wait a while for an official confirmation. However, in case they decide to go forward with the second season, the fans will have to wait a little more to find out more about Rebecca and her sisters and the experiment that they were a part of. With this in mind, we expect the second season of ‘Triptych’ to release sometime in late 2024.

Triptych Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

‘Triptych’ Season 1 stars Maite Perroni in the role of the triplets— Rebecca, Aleida, and Tamara. Nuria Bages plays the role of the psychiatrist Dr. Julia Batiz. Flavio Medina plays the role of Aleida’s husband Eugenio, while David Chocarro appears as Humberto, Rebecca’s colleague, and boyfriend. Should the second season happen, we expect all of them to reprise their roles in the show. Even though Humberto is said to have died in the final episode, there is a chance that it might be a hoax.

Apart from this, the show could also delve into the past of the triplets, and Humberto had been an important part of Rebecca’s life, which means that there is a wind for Chocarro to come back to the show. In addition to this, we expect new actors to join the slate, especially considering that the story might be expanded to include other twins and triplets who were not introduced in the first season but were revealed to have been the subjects of the experiments.

Triptych Season 2 Plot: What Can it be About?

Image Credits: Mayra Ortiz/Netflix

By the end of the first season, ‘Triptych’ answers all of the burning questions. We know why the triplets were separated, who was experimenting on them, and why. They also succeed in exacting their revenge and are finally reunited in what looks like smooth sailing ahead. Still, the show leaves enough ground for further exploration. In the final episode, Humberto tells Rebecca that there are many more like them. This confirms that the scale of Dr. Batiz’s experiments is much larger than they’d imagined.

There is also the question of who exactly had been funding her research after Eugenio’s father’s death. And what is going on with the rest of the test subjects? Have they figured out what’s happening yet? All these questions and more extrapolations can create enough drama and intrigue to be explored in the next season of the show. In another case, the show could follow the story from the perspective of a different set of triplets, which means a slew of new characters and many more revelations.

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