Troy Dunn Net Worth

How much is Troy Dunn worth? $500 thousand

How did Troy Dunn earn his money and wealth?

Troy Dunn is an American reality television star, producer, and public speaker, he is famous for his shows which are theme based on reuniting people with their loved ones who haven’t seen since ages and for a very long time.

His theme of finding long lost relatives dates back to the time when he first started to look for his mother’s biological parents; his mother was an adopted child, and in 1990 she started to feel to find her real parents and Dunn did that for her reunite her with her biological family. This event not only made him give his mother her biological parents but also made him start his own Licensed private investigation agency named “The Instant People Locator” whose aim is to “reunite one half of the world with the other half”. This agency gathers and uses the most accurate data files and finds people, to reunite long lost relatives with one another. These services which offer became his main career and he started earning from it and keeping this as a theme he started a television series called “The Locator” which ran for five seasons, the show was an international hit and over the period of five years they were able to reunite hundreds of people with their loved ones. He also starred in another show named  “APB with Troy Dunn” and then also in “Last Hope With Troy Dunn” also was produced and hosted by him having the same concept of reunited the lost ones with their families.

He owned a website named, which he sold off to in 2002 gathering huge wealth from it.

Dunn got married to Jennifer, and they have nine children. He owns quite a few businesses which include the website for connecting people, services offered to find lost relatives, multiple television shows in which he plays a supporting character role of finding the long lost people.

He is an author as well and has written books named “Young Bucks”, “It’s Never Too Late” and “Family: The Good ‘F’ Word”, which were published by bird street books. He also co-founded the publishing company, Aylesbury Publishing.

Which are the most popular TV Series of Troy Dunn?

  • Dr. Phil (2008-2014)
  • The View (2004-2014)
  • Fox and Friends (2014)
  • The Doctors (2014)
  • Home & family (2014)
  • ABP: With Troy Dunn (2014)
  • The Bonnie Hunt Show (2010)
  • Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show (2009)
  • The Locator (2008)
  • Today (2005)

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