Where to Stream True History of the Kelly Gang?

A glimpse into Australia’s history and one legendary name that crops up is that of Ned Kelly. An outlaw from the 19th century and of Irish origins, Kelly took upon himself to fight for the downtrodden in the island continent. Based on this very figure is the movie, ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’.

What Is True History of the Kelly Gang About?

‘True History’ is about the dreams and nightmares of Ned, his family, and Australia. Upon its release in the US on April 24, 2020, the film managed to leave a mark on viewers, especially because of its depiction of how it’s almost impossible to escape into the class you are born into. The story is divided into three phases: childhood, adulthood, and the brutal end of Ned’s gang.

Directed by Justin Kurzel and based on the Booker-winning, eponymous, 2000 novel by Peter Carey, ‘True History’ is also remarkable for its ambient scores, which are reminiscent of an eerie horror flick. In the movie, the tale is narrated by Ned himself, in the form of a letter he writes to his daughter from jail.

Now that ‘True History’ has released on the big screen, fans might want to know about some viable options to catch the movie online at home. Well, read on.

Is True History of the Kelly Gang on Netflix?

Netflix has an unlimited collection of movies inspired by historical events. There’s a section called ‘history‘, in fact, where you can search any related title you wish to stream. But unfortunately, ‘True History’ has not arrived here yet. But keep checking; the streamer keeps updating its catalog everyday.

Is True History of the Kelly Gang on Hulu?

Again, Hulu has a vast collection, exclusively meant for historical shows and films. On a similar vein, we have ‘Gangs of New York‘ that can be streamed on the platform. Sadly, ‘True History’ is not available here either. But you can subscribe to Hulu and get a free trial of one month — to watch some of your favorite historical titles.

Is True History of the Kelly Gang on Amazon?

Amazon Prime is ramping up its collection of the latest movies. Almost every newly released flick and tv series can be found on the platform. And luckily for you, ‘True History’ is available as well! You have the option to rent the movie in HD or SD. Once you make the payment, you can watch the film within 30 days and have 48 hours to finish it, once you start streaming the title. Here’s the link to make your search easier for you!

Where Can I Stream True History of the Kelly Gang Online?

If you do not have an active subscription to any of the above options, you can still watch the movie. Simply head to VOD platforms to stream ‘True History’ elsewhere. Some of these alternatives include Vudu or FandangoNow, where you watch the film in SD, HD, or Ultra HD formats.

Can I Stream True History of Kelly Gang Online For Free?

No. Not at all. The only viable option is to wait for its arrival on platforms that have a free trial option. Anyway, it is not a good idea to consume content without wanting to pay for it.

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