Twisted Metal Season 2: Renewal Possibilities Explored

Based on the popular video game franchise of the same name, Peacock’s ‘Twisted Metal’ is an action–comedy series set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by dangerous criminals while most of the population resides in barricaded cities. It was developed for television by Michael Jonathan Smith. The story follows John Doe (Anthony Mackie), a motor-mouthed milkman suffering from amnesia and assigned a mission to deliver a cryptic package while traversing the wastelands. The first season ends without answering questions about John’s past while setting up a much bigger conflict for the milkman to partake in. If you are wondering whether John’s fight for survival in the dangerous world of vehicular combat will continue, here is everything we know about the possibility of ‘Twsited Metal’ season 2!

Will Twisted Metal Season 2 Happen?

‘Twisted Metal’ season 1 was released on July 27, 2023, on Peacock. The debut season comprises ten episodes with a running time of approximately 30 minutes each. All first-season episodes dropped on the streaming service on the same day. It received mostly positive reviews from critics who praised its humor, performances, and handling of the source material. Season 1 revolves around John Doe, an amnesiac Milkman who makes a near-impossible delivery run across the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

While the first season ends with a brief tease and hints of the characters’ futures, there is presently no confirmation about a second season. Peacock is yet to renew the series for a second outing. However, it is still early days since the show’s debut on the streaming service, and its positive critical reception could result in a second installment materializing. Nontheless, Peacock will likely take some time to assess the show’s performance before ordering a fresh batch of episodes. At present, neither the streamer nor the show’s makers have directly addressed the possibility of a second installment.

The first season ends with John completing the delivery, but he gets separated from Quiet. Later, John learns about his past and partially regains his memories. However, Raven, the COO of New San Fransisco, forces John to work on a new job. Raven reveals that the enigmatic figure known as Calypso is organizing a vehicular combat tournament, and the winner will be granted any wish they desire without any conditions. The ending is an obvious tease for a follow-up season which will be more in line with the video games which follow a vehicular combat/demolition derby format.

Moreover, the ending also introduces several popular characters from the video games who will be taking the wheel in the tournament. Simultaneously, the mystery of John’s past deepens with the introduction of his young sister, Dollface. Hence, ‘Twisted Metal’ could finally embrace the supernatural and over-the-top elements of the video games it is based upon, resulting in a story with even more bloodshed, gore, explosions, and violence. Ultimately, the pieces for a second season are set up, but the show’s fate will hinge upon its audience reception. If the series exceeds Peacock’s viewership expectations, a second season could be ordered in the coming months.

However, any work on the prospective second season will likely only commence after the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes in Hollywood reach a respectable resolution. Nonetheless, the first season premiered roughly one and a half years after Peacock officially announced it. Assuming the series is renewed for a sophomore outing and production commences by early 2024, ‘Twisted Metal’ season 2 could gear up for a release in mid-2025 at the earliest.

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