Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living: Everything We Know

‘Assisted Living’ is BET’s comedy series, directed, written, and produced by Tyler Perry. The sitcom has all the ingredients of a hilarious story — including a grouchy old grandpa and his antics in a dilapidated assisted living facility. So, what can go wrong? Well, everything! Noting how Perry has been delivering one successful drama after another, we were, no doubt, interested in finding out more about ‘Assisted Living’. And here’s our detailed preview of the much-awaited show!

Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living Season 1 Release Date:

‘Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living’ season 1 premieres on Wednesday, September 2, 2020, on BET at 9 pm ET/PT, with two half-hour episodes.

Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living Cast: Who is in it?

‘Assisted Living’ stars David Mann as Mr. Brown, who unwillingly invests in a rundown home for the old. Brown does not wish to spend so much on this dilapidated property but he only takes this step because of his long-term animosity with the current owner, named Vinny (played by J. Anthony Brown). Vinny owns the aforementioned establishment and in the background, runs a weed-growing business. He is grandfather to Jeremy (essayed by Na’im Lynn) — a city guy and a family man who gets fired from his job. He then travels to rural Georgia to help out his crazy grandpa.

Tamela Mann stars as Cora, Mr. Brown’s daughter. Once Cora reaches the old-age home, she instantly falls in love with the place. She believes it will be a good investment for herself and her father. Courtney Nichole enacts the character of Leah, Jeremy’s supportive wife. Leah notes that the establishment can serve as Jeremy’s inheritance. She is the one who suggests that her husband should help his grandad in fixing the dilapidated property. Leah and Jeremy’s daughter Sandra (Tayler Buck) is a typical teen, obsessed with her phone. Rounding up the lead cast is Alex Henderson as Philip, Leah and Jeremy’s son, the regular, loudmouthed youngster in his teenage years.

Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living Plot: What is it About?

‘Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living’ introduces us to Jeremy, who resides with his fam in the city. But unexpectedly, he ends up losing his job. To fend for himself and his family (which consists of his wife and two teenage kids), he moves to the backwoods of Georgia to help his crazy grandfather — Grandpa Vinny. Vinny had earlier bought a home for the elderly, that was, and still is, in ruins. Jeremy wants to help Vinny in fixing the assisted living facility so that he can turn this potential inheritance into a profitable business. But chaos and comedy ensue when they receive a visit from Mr. Brown and Cora, who introduce themselves as the new, needy investors.

Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living Trailer

Here is the hilarious official teaser trailer from season 1 of the show:

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