Will There be an Ultimate Tag Season 2?

Ultimate Tag Season 1 Fox

To satiate the appetite of the sports fans, FOX came up with ‘Ultimate Tag,’ a game show that pits professional tag players against amateur athletes as they compete with each other in the ultimate tag championship. The series features several expert players who attempt to mark the amateurs out of the game by touching them with their hands.

The adrenaline-infused competition reality series is brought to us by Natalka Znak, Conrad Green, Glenn Coomber, and J.J. Watt, with an aim to take the childhood game to the next level. It has also been touted as a combination of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and ‘American Gladiators.’ Well, with such an ambitious concept, season 1 of the show was well-received. And here’s everything we know of its second edition.

Ultimate Tag Season 2 Release Date

‘Ultimate Tag’ season 1 released on May 20, 2020, at 9 pm ET, on FOX. The remaining hour-long episodes followed a weekly schedule and dropped every Wednesday. The season concluded with its 10th episode on July 29, 2020. As of now, the show has not received a go-ahead for its second outing. But we are optimistic that we will get an update on an official confirmation soon. If Fox decides to go ahead with a follow-up edition, we can expect ‘Ultimate Tag’ season 2 to premiere sometime in Summer 2021.

Ultimate Tag Season 2 Cast: Hosts and Contestants

National Football League players and brothers Derek John Watt, Trent Jordan Watt AKA T.J., and Justin James Watt AKA J.J. are the hosts of the show. Their primary responsibility is to observe and commentate as the professional taggers rip their opponents apart in the tag-field. Unlike his brothers, who don’t have much experience in hosting, J.J. has quite a few film and television appearances to his credits, like ‘SNL,’ ‘Bad Moms’ and ‘The League.’ In season 2, we expect the entire hosting trio to make a comeback.

The team of professional taggers includes Lorena Abreu as Atomic Ant, Carrie Bernans as Banshee, Ruel DaCosta as Bulldog, Omar Zaki as The Geek, Jesse La Flair as La Flair, Julian Daigre as Rocket, Brooke Ence as The Boss, Laura Micetich as The Iron Giantess, and Zac Gordon as Horse. It also comprises Travis Des Laurier as Beach Boy, Josh Yadon as Caveman, Yessenia Cossio as Dynamite, Austin Raye as Big Deal, Caitlin Hutson as The Flame, Sydney Olson as Spitfire, Tavon Mcvey as The Flow, Ross Forte as Viking, and Corbin Reinhardt as The Kid. The resident taggers unite together against the amateur players that comprise school basketball players, former college athletes, couples, friends, siblings, etc.

What Can Ultimate Tag Season 2 be About?

The innovative game show features a team of expert-level taggers who exercise their jaw-dropping skills and athletic abilities to chase the amateurs who run for their lives and overcome hurdles in an attempt to evade the taggers. The team of pro-taggers comprises interesting players, including parkour experts, stuntmen, and former military members.

They display Ninja-Esque energy and focus on running behind the opponents to “tag” them and throw them out of the game. Some of the players don scary attires, thus adding to the thrill factor. The amateurs use their set of skills and tactics to prevent the taggers from marking them out. The show aims to elevate the level of Tag, one of the most popular playground games from our childhood.

Talking about the show’s spirit and contestants, J.J. told Variety, “It’s a lot of fun and the professional taggers with their personalities — some of them are a bit crazy psychotic. It really is fun to watch them bring this whole thing to life and make it their own. And I think people are going to really fall in love with these taggers with some of their personalities.” Season 2 will stick to the same format and maybe, introduce some changes to keep the gameplay interesting.

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