Will There be an ‘Underwater’ Sequel?

William Eubank’s ‘Underwater‘ takes a deep dive into terror leaving us gasping for air. The sci-fi horror feeds on our fear of the unknown as it takes us to the uncharted territories of the Mariana Trench.  The film centres around a team of researchers who are sent to an underwater mining station, 7 miles below the sea surface, to drill in the ocean floor. A sudden earthquake has a catastrophic effect on the facilities, causing the team to go on a precarious journey that could cost them their lives. But it is also their only chance at survival. Things take a dark turn when they realize that they are not alone as mysterious predators lurk around them.

Around 70% of the Earth’s surface is below the sea, yet 95% of it remains unexplored. This makes the makes the deep sea, and particularly, the Mariana Trench, the least unexplored place on the planet. But this also makes it simultaneously enthralling and terrifying. Eubank through ‘Underwater’ then creates a nerve-shredding, claustrophobic horror that centres around these mysteries of the deep sea. It also comments on the current environment crisis, taking us face to face with the horrors that lurk deep blow.

The thing about Eubank’s ‘Underwater’ is that it successfully builds a thrilling experience filled with dread, but it doesn’t serve as an impactful story. It is evident that the film is a situational thriller than a character driven narrative, and while it certainly succeeds in the way it deals with the nerve-racking situation, it falls flat with its larger narrative. Despite this, the film is certainly a treat for thrill-seekers.

While the film seems to be slowly finding its audience, critics have largely given it mixed to negative reviews, with an underwhelming score of 53% from Rotten Tomatoes. So, will ‘Underwater’ get a sequel? Thrillers and horrors, these days, often end up becoming franchises filled follow-ups. Keeping this in mind, we could certainly expect a sequel to ‘Underwater’ someday, especially given its premise. But this would also depend on how well it fares. Since the film released only earlier this week, it is too soon to say anything, but we can certainly hope for the best.

Underwater 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

Eubank’s ‘Underwater’ has Kristen Stewart as Norah Price, a mechanical engineer for Tian Industries, leading a team of scientists, researchers and drillers to the ocean floor of the Mariana Trench. But things get complicated when 7 miles below the sea surface, the Kepler station gets completely devastated by a massive earthquake. The survivors are then forced to get find their way to the Roebuck drill where they hope to find escape pods that will help them get to the surface safely.

But the survivors soon learn that it may not have been an earthquake that caused the damage, that there is more to what meets the eyes. They realize that it may be some undiscovered deep-sea creature, thus bringing in the science-fiction aspect of the film. The group is soon attacked by several deep-sea monsters that kill each of the surviving members one by one.

In the end the only survivors that remain are Norah, Emily and Liam, who try to find their ways to the escape pods. But they soon realize they might not be able to survive after all as there is a massive nest of Clingers right above the entrance tunnel. Then comes the horrifying realization that the nest is actually an enormous kraken-like monster, “Godmother” or the Behemoth. In the end, as Norah learns that Emily and Liam wish to get married and decides to sacrifice her own life to save them. But she decides to go with all guns blazing, destroying herself and the monsters.

‘Underwater’ has some very obvious inspirations and almost seems like a cross between ‘Aliens’ and ‘The Abyss’. Keeping in mind its plot, and the potential of creature films, it could certainly get a sequel. Without Norah, it could focus on different characters interacting with the creatures. As is typical of sequels, we might just discover that there is something far more horrific than the Godmother down there. This would make sense keeping in mind the terrifying mysteries of the Mariana Trench. We also have two survivors which may end up playing a significant role in the set-up of the second part.

Underwater 2 Cast & Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

‘Underwater’ stars Kristen Stewart as Norah Price, who serves as the Ellen Ripley of our film. It also stars Vincent Cassel as Captain,  T.J. Miller as Paul, Jessica Henwick as Emily, John Gallagher Jr. as Liam, Mamoudou Athie as Rodrigo, and Gunner Wright as Lee.

With most of the characters dead, the sequel should ideally look at different characters interacting with the creature(s). It could also include the only two survivors, Henwick’s Emily and Gallagher’s Liam. Either way, if a sequel somehow works out, we would definitely have a new cast. But it should ideally have the same crew, including Eubank, Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad.

Underwater 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

As of now there have no talks of a sequel. Given film’s weak box office performance, it is difficult to imagine a sequel ever being greenlit. But if magically it does get the go ahead, we are look at least a 2023 release date for Underwater 2.

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