United We Fall Episode 8: When And Where to Watch?

United We Fall Episode 2

Meet Jo and Bill Ryan, young, struggling parents of two children who are clamoring to pass each day as a normal family. However, to add to their problems, the couple has Bill’s judgemental live-in mother and Jo’s sprawling, Latinx Catholic clan. The extended fam never shies away from pointing out how the husband-wife duo is not doing things right. However, Bill and Jo always have each other’s backs, united against everyone!

Well, continuing this crazy story, in the 7th episode that dropped this Wednesday, we witnessed Jo and Bill figuring out how weekends are always messier with kids. If you have already watched it, you must be wondering about what goes down in the upcoming episode, i.e., ‘United We Fall’ episode 8? Well, we are here to help you with that.

United We Fall Finale Release Date:

‘United We Fall’ episode 8 will release on  August 26, 2020, at 8 pm ET, on ABC. The eighth episode happens to be the season finale.

United We Fall Episode 8 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is titled ‘Re-Wedding Crashers.’ Its official synopsis gives us further insights into what the story will entail. It goes as follows: “On their 10-year anniversary, Bill and Jo decide to renew their vows, but their overzealous extended family and an approaching snowstorm threaten to ruin the event.” Being married for a decade is an achievement and anyone will wish to celebrate the grand event. But it remains to be seen how even the most memorable days can be spoiled with unnecessary interference!

Since episode 8 happens to be the finale, it has some notable guest appearances as well. Here’s one of the titbits regarding the last episode which was posted on the show’s official Twitter handle:

Where to Watch United We Fall Episode 8 Online?

You can watch ‘United We Fall’ episode 8 by tuning to ABC at the above-mentioned time. Since its premiere, the show has been dropping one weekly episode each Wednesday. You can also catch the show on ABC’s official website and the ABC app. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can watch the episodes, the next day on-demand and on Hulu. ‘United We Fall’ is available for cable-free, live-streaming on Direct TV. Another way you can enjoy the show is by purchasing the episodes on Amazon Prime.

United We Fall Episode 7 Recap:

In ‘The Weekend’, “Bill and Jo confirm the universal truth that with kids, weekends are worse than weekdays” — as per ABC’s official synopsis. What happens is, Bill and Jo decide to take their kids for a movie. And as expected, things go haywire from the moment they reach the theater. The issues start right from the moment the couple sits in the car when their daughter starts tooting her horn non-stop. As Jo pulls the toy away, she exclaims why on earth they had ever wanted to have kids. Bill has his answer ready. He says: “No, I did not, you did!” And what’s more? Sandy’s recording of the baseball game gets canceled!

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