Will There be a United We Fall Season 2

United We Fall Episode 2

‘United We Fall’ is a family sitcom created by Julius Sharpe that embraces a very familiar premise. An overwhelmed couple, who also happen to be parents to two wacky kids, are forced to accommodate their extended family because of economic constraints. Although the lead stars are excellent in portraying their roles of a hassled mum and dad, compelled to perform obligatory, parental duties, the plot is packed with multiple cliches. Everything winds down to creating a comedy that can be best described as ‘mediocre’. So, is there any scope of ‘United We Fall’ to make it to another season? Let’s find out.

United We Fall Season 2 Release Date:

‘United We Fall’ season 1 premiered on July 15, 2020, on ABC, and ended with its eighth episode on August 26, 2020. The first season opened to mixed reviews. In terms of numbers, the first episode garnered an okay-ish 4 million viewers (approx.), which continued to decrease over the weeks. The pre-finale recorded a modest 2.8 million viewers. If you compare the figures with other canceled sitcoms from the 2020 line-up on major primetime networks, such as ‘Broke’, ‘Indebted’, and ‘Outmatched’, you will note that they are almost similar. In fact, the ratings are quite below that of CBS’s ‘Broke’.

All factors considered, we are pretty sure ‘United We Fall’ will join the list of quickly axed comedies, following a single-season run. ABC, most likely, won’t want to go ahead with another iteration of a show that had started off on such shaky grounds. In all probability, ‘United We Fall’ season 2 stands canceled. In the remote scenario that a new outing is commissioned, we can expect ‘United We Fall’ season 2 to premiere sometime in 2021.

United We Fall Cast: Who is in it?

Will Sasso stars as Bill Ryan, a working dad to two young daughters. Bill is employed as an engineer and is married to Jo (played by Christina Vidal Mitchell), who works in the family’s contracting firm called Chuy & Sons Construction. Ella Grace Helton enacts the role of Emily, Bill and Jo’s intelligent daughter. Guillermo Díaz stars as Chuy Rodriguez, Jo’s brother who is strictly against his sister’s lenient child-raising policies. Rounding up the lead cast is Jane Curtin as Sandy Ryan, Bill’s mother, who enters Bill and Jo’s home because of her ongoing ill health.

United We Fall Plot: What is it About?

Bill and Jo are two struggling parents to a toddler named Emily and little Lulu. However, in each step of their journey, they need to face the criticism of their extended family. While Jo’s brother Chuy never shies away from pointing out how they are making mistakes in raising their kids, Bill’s overbearing mum Sandy constantly interferes as well. But, in spite of the chaos, Bill and Jo discover that although they have faults, they are pretty good parents. The secret is to present a united front against everyone!

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