Unspouse My House Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Host, Update

What’s the best way to get over a break-up? Immediately search for a replacement? No. Cling to old memories and try to wash away every remnant of sadness with tears? Absolutely not! The first and most effective tip to heal a broken heart is to go through a makeover. Get rid of every single bit of your ex’s stuff. Yes, that’s much better! With an aim to help singles cope up with recent splits, HGTV’s home improvement show, ‘Unspouse My House’, introduces a unique twist to get over one’s partner. Ditching the conventional get-a-new-haircut and embark-on-a-revenge-quest approaches, it helps individuals to cope up by remodeling their house. The reality series tries to enable people to find inner peace. The show first premiered on HGTV on June 6, 2019.

Unspouse My House Cast: Who is in it?

‘Unspouse My House’ is hosted by LA-based interior designer, Orlando Soria. The self-proclaimed breakup expert is an Instagram and social media celebrity who helps his single clients remodel their homes, with an aim to start afresh and move on with their lives. Funny, supportive, and encouraging, Soria is exceptionally talented in renovating properties and lending them an altogether new look.

In fact, Soria got the inspiration to overhaul homes after his own heartbreak. After his split with his partner, he decided to move out and design his own personal space. By doing so, he discovered the healing power of interior design. Therefore, he decided to extend his help to other individuals as well, who might be going through a similar phase.

Unspouse My House Plot: What is it about?

Falling in love and then taking that ultimate step to move in with your partner is the defining milestone in every relationship. You decorate and organize everything together. From buying pillows to purchasing his/her favorite couch and hanging cheesy frames on the walls, each decision is taken based on you and your partner’s combined approval. But what happens when everything gets over? And you cannot change the place that you had been living in for so long? Well, this is when Orlando Soria steps in.

Soria helps recently single clients get rid of their ex’s possessions, which remind them of past memories, including knick-knacks, old decor pieces, mushy loveseats, among others. He guides them in remodeling their abode so that it feels like it belongs to them (only). Additionally, he overhauls the home to look sparklingly new, devoid of any previous remnants. As per Soria, “Not only are we helping the clients heal on each episode, we’re also showing the world that it’s possible to work through these tough times, and there’s a great benefit to starting in your home.”

If you have seen other home improvement shows, such as ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo‘, you will notice that they insist on keeping emotional connections alive through decor, furniture items, or color choices. However, Soria believes in total exorcism. For example, in one of the episodes, he has to help a recently-divorced mother of two renovate her house. He asks her to “confront one of the most cursed objects in her post-breakup house.” When she points to the drab recliner where her former husband used to spend most of his time, he first considers reupholstering it and placing it in some other spot. Then, he again reconsiders and decides that donating might be a good idea. But finally, his eyes land on a collection of blowtorches and hammers on the picnic table. His ultimate conclusion: “Or, my favorite, we could completely destroy it.” Yes, you don’t cling to objects on ‘Unspouse My House’. You totally eliminate them!

Unspouse My House Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Unspouse My House’ season 1 premiered on HGTV on June 6, 2019. When you are a millennial and love watching home design and decoration shows, you might often binge on popular series from HGTV. But here’s the thing: with most of us struggling to pay the bills, going to huge extents to remodel a home seems far-fetched. If you recall ‘Flip or Flop or ‘Christina on the Coast’, you will get what we are trying to say here. However, ‘Unspouse My House’ is a series that is much more relatable, especially for the younger audience. And hence, we are hopeful that the show will be back with another season.

If the show does get renewed, we expect ‘Unspouse My House’ season 2 to premiere sometime in the summer of next year, i.e June 2020. HGTV has not made any official announcement yet. We shall update this section with as and when we learn more.

Unspouse My House Trailer:

No official trailer has been released but you can head over to their official site if you wish check out clips from the show.

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