10 Upcoming Horror Movie Remakes That We Are Excited About

2017 will go down in movie history as the year in which new age horror blossomed and reached its peak. Films like ‘Get Out’, ‘It Comes at Night’, ‘Creep 2’ and ‘Mother!’ shocked, surprised and messed with our brains. Stephen King ruled supreme with ‘IT’, ‘Gerald’s Game’, ‘1922’ and ‘The Dark Tower’. However we also witnessed a trend of remakes/reboots of classic horror movies such as ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Ring’. Every year there are several new horror movie remakes come out. Most of the remakes get mixed reviews but it looks like the sun will finally shine on them in the session of 2018-2019. Here is the list of upcoming horror movie remakes (new releases) that one should keep an eye on. We hope these latest horror movie remakes are as good as some of the recent ones.

10. The Wolf Man

Earlier this year ‘The Mummy’ kick started the campaign of ‘Universal Pictures’ to launch a cinematic universe of rebooted dark monster movies. A second remake of ‘The Wolf Man’ – the original version released in 1941 – looks like a solid plan to carry forward the legacy of gore and mystery. Fans of this cult monster flick are yet to forget the clumsy 2010 remake which almost destroyed the soul of the movie with substandard CGI effects and lack of ingenuity. Many hopes are being pinned on the upcoming reboot which will be bigger and hopefully better. According to internet news mills Dwayne Johnson is being approached to recreate the iconic character of Larry Talbot and if he agrees to do the film, it will mean that ‘The Wolf Man’ is already headed in the right direction. Expected release date is March 30, 2018.

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9. Halloween

Michael Myers in a mask is the stuff ‘Halloween’ dreams are made of. In 1978 John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ ushered in a new era of ‘slasher’ films and turned Jamie Lee Curtis into the resident scream queen of Hollywood. To mark the 40th anniversary of the game changing movie the fans of the classic will be treated to a new rebooted version in 2018. The news of the remake has already created positive buzz on social media and other online platforms. Of course, the queen of slasher films Jamie Lee Curtis will be back for a final showdown with her nemesis. The remake would be incomplete without her. The original director John Carpenter will be back as the executive producer and David Gordon Green will sit on the director’s chair. If everything goes smoothly the film will hit the theatres just in time for Halloween next year.

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8. It: Chapter 2

Stephen King’s horror novel ‘It’ first got its taste of immortality when it was adapted for the small screen in 1990. Cut to 2017, 27 years later ‘It’ became a global phenomenon with its up gradation into a major motion picture. Horror rules were rewritten and box office records were broken and the promise of a sequel left the audiences both restless and excited at the same time. The sequel will not arrive until 2019 but the guessing game has already begun as to which actors will play the adult versions of the Losers club members. The names of Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba and Chris Pratt are being thrown around but we will have to wait and watch until the final casting is announced. Director Andy Muschietti has assured us that the shooting of the film will begin sooner than expected.

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7. Nosferatu

It never is advisable to remake a classic like ‘Nosferatu’ (1922) which started it all as far as depiction of horror in cinema is concerned. Even after 95 years of its release the film still makes many horror productions pale in comparison. It is a perfect combination of German expressionism and the sophisticated art of filmmaking. Director F.W. Murnau unofficially used Dracula’s plot to tell his story which led to legal troubles afterwards. In 1979 Werner Herzog gave a little European art house twist to the film and called it ‘Nosferatu the Vampyre’. Now it’s time for Robert Eggers of ‘The Witch’ fame to give it a Hollywood treatment. The American remake will star Egger’s muse – the very enigmatic Anya Taylor-Joy.

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6. The Grudge

There was a time when ‘J-Horror’ fever was running high in Hollywood and the 2004 version of ‘The Grudge’ was the outcome of that period. It was an official remake of ‘Ju-on: The Grudge’, a Japanese supernatural horror flick. The Hollywood version got mixed reviews despite being helmed by Takashi Shimizu, the creator of the ‘Ju-on’ film series. The content might have got lost in translation but the box office collection was more than encouraging. However it seems like Hollywood didn’t get creative satisfaction so it is having a go at it for one more time, hopefully the last. Sometime next year moviegoers will be treated to yet another revamped/re-imagined version of the now over hyped film ‘Ju-on: The Grudge’. The good thing is that the new version will be directed by Nicolas Pesce who came to prominence with his film ‘The Eyes of My Mother’.

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5. Jacob’s Ladder

It’s been a while since Hollywood has churned out a psychological horror film of merit which has the quality to stand the test of time. Upcoming cinephiles still make references of ‘Psycho’, Rosemary’s Baby’ and the not so recent ‘The Others’ while discussing this underappreciated horror sub-genre. The remake of the 1990 critically acclaimed ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ might just change the scenario for better. The story revolves around Jacob, a Vietnam War veteran who experiences strange happenings around his surroundings which urges him to get to the bottom of things. David M. Rosenthal will direct the film which stars Michael Ealy and Jesse Williams in the lead roles. It will hit the screens early next year.

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4. Pet Sematary

After ruling the hearts of movie goers and TV audiences in 2017, it looks like Stephen King is no mood to slow down. We already have many films based on the bestselling books of the writer lined up for 2018 and ‘Pet Sematary’ is the most prominent among them. In 1989 Mary Lambert adapted it for the big screen but failed to live up to the reputation of the book which deserved a far more superior film than it got. Luckily for the discerning audience and the maligned reputation of Mr. King ‘Pet Sematary’ will get another chance to redeem itself as a film. Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch of ‘Starry Eyes’ fame have been roped in to take the charge of the proceedings. No release date has been fixed yet.

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3. Train to Busan

Prior to ‘Train to Busan’ South Korean films were considered either too dramatic or too extreme but the very entertaining and timely zombie hit have managed to change people’s perceptions, most importantly of the viewers outside South Korea. It has managed to impress both festival audiences and masses and thus opened up new avenues for Korean cinema. Its success can be measured from the fact that very soon it is going to get a Hollywood remake. French movie studio Gaumont has acquired the rights for the remake. The original had a strong underlying theme of politics in its narrative and it will be really interesting to see how the Hollywood version adapts the story to fit it into the current volatile political scene of the US. A release date is yet to be decided upon.

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2. An American Werewolf in London

‘An American Werewolf in London’ is a timeless movie for more than one reason. Firstly the idea of a Werewolf as the central character in a movie never goes out of fashion and always guarantees a curious response from the audience. The film has also made it to the history books for winning the maiden Academy award for Best Makeup and that too without the help of any CGI. Director John Landis wonderfully combined humour and supernatural elements to deliver a solid entertainer whose magic has not diminished down the years. History is all set to repeat itself as Max Landis, the director’s son, has signed a deal to remake his father’s classic. It will be both an emotional and creative endeavour for him as he has the added pressure of living up to his father’s name and reputation.

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1. Suspiria

This is one movie, which horror fans all over would agree, that it should be kept out of harm’s way. Dario Argento’s masterpiece is a revelation; so pure and unique in its treatment of the macabre that it is nearly impossible to recreate the same chilling effect all over again. However filmmaker Luca Guadagnino has taken on the Herculean task of paying a tribute to the master of horror by remaking ‘Suspiria’. The star cast for the new movie has been announced and it looks like a careful selection of actors who are both easy on the eyes and talented. It will be a treat to watch Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton going on at each other’s throats. It also stars Chloë Grace Moretz and Mia Goth in significant roles. The film will release in 2018.

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