Upload Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Plot Details

Upload Season 2

Developed by Greg Daniels for Amazon Prime Video, ‘Upload’ is a science fiction series about a futuristic world where humans can choose to upload themselves to a virtual afterlife. Set in 2033, the narrative follows Nathan, a 27-year-old computer programmer who finds himself in a luxurious afterlife in digital heaven, Lake View. He grows close to his handler Nora, who comes to realize that Nathan was murdered.

The comedy-drama series has been highly praised by critics and fans alike, as it uses humor to throw light on deeper philosophical aspects of human life. The show first released in 2020, and it has been over a year since we got new episodes. Naturally, you must be impatient to catch the sophomore installment at the earliest. So, let us probe into the matter and get to know more about ‘Upload’ season 2.

Upload Season 2 Release Date

‘Upload’ season 1 premiered in its entirety on May 1, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video. The first season contains ten episodes with runtimes ranging between 24 and 46 minutes each. Let us now divulge everything we know regarding the development of the second installment.

On May 8, 2020, Amazon Studios renewed the show for a second season, only a week after the sci-fi comedy debuted on the streaming platform. Filming for the upcoming season commenced on January 25, 2021, and was wrapped up by April 15, 2021. Series lead star Robbie Amell (Nathan Brown) took to Instagram to share the good news with the fans.

However, when it comes to a sci-fi show such as this one, the post-production work takes up a hefty amount of time. Therefore, you may have to wait some more before the second installment lands on the streaming service. Taking all the aspects into consideration, we can safely infer that ‘Upload’ season 2 will premiere sometime in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022.

Upload Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

All of the central cast members will return in their respective roles for a second haul. Robbie Amell will return as Nathan Brown, whereas Andy Allo will continue to portray Nora Antony. Allegra Edwards will appear as Ingrid Kannerman, Nathan’s pushy girlfriend. Additionally, we shall see Zainab Johnson (Aleesha), Kevin Bigley (Luke), Jordan Johnson-Hinds (Jamie), and Elizabeth Bowen (Fran Booth).

Josh Banday (Ivan) will have more screen-time going into season 2 after being promoted to a series regular. We shall also see some fresh faces. Paulo Costanzo will play Matteo, a charismatic leader who cannot get enough of himself, and Mackenzie Cardwell will appear as Tinsley, a new customer service angel at Lake View.

Upload Season 2 Plot: What is it About?

In the finale of the first season, Nathan wakes up along with the other residents of Lake View after the upgrade. With the upgrade, he remembers that Ingrid’s father came to him to buy his and Jamie’s software, but Jamie was unwilling to sell. However, Nathan decides to bypass Jamie and give Ingrid’s father the code for a few extra bucks. As the memory torments him, he concludes that he is the bad guy and pretends not to remember Nora.

On the other hand, Nora finds out about Nathan’s intentions to betray Jamie. Nathan heads to the 2GB room and plans to call Nora. He uses the data to let her know the truth – that he remembers her but was rather embarrassed to admit it. However, the conversation between Nora and Nathan is interrupted when someone breaks into Nora’s room. Nathan uses his coding genius to access CCTV cameras and helps Nora escape.

The pursuer is later assailed in an elevator. After confiding in her father about the incident, Nora calls Nathan to confess her love for him. But Nathan, who has used up all his data, is frozen without a reply. Nora escapes with Byron, and Ingrid uploads herself to the virtual afterlife. Ingrid gives Nathan an extra 1GB, but as he gets upset, he uses that data in seconds, and the light goes out.

The second installment will presumably pick the story right from the aftermath of the first season. The one glaring question that the show must answer is regarding the unnatural death of Nathan. By the end of the first season, you must get an idea that Nathan’s death was not merely accidental. Moreover, Ingrid’s uploading to Lake View possibly means that she has died in real life. So, more about her death will be revealed in the season.

Elsewhere, Nora’s father is still unsure about the upload. In all probability, he will come to a decision one way or the other. We have seen Nathan’s cousin Fran rigorously investigating Nathan’s death since she finds it odd that a self-driving car would malfunction. But her own car goes rogue and veers off the road into the ocean. We don’t know if she is dead or alive, and season 2 will hopefully give us some closure. Finally, the central pair, Nathan and Nora, will have to figure out their budding romance. But with the presence of Ingrid, it will not be easy for Nathan. Therefore, the second season has a lot to unravel.

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