‘Us’ To Make Over $50 Million In The Opening Weekend

‘Us’ the latest offering in horror by Jordan Peele is expected to make over $50 million at the Box Office by the end of this weekend. Some reports have pegged ‘Us’ to make around $51 million. This is hardly unsurprising, considering the fact that the film made $7.4 million from Thursday night previews alone. To put things in context, Peele’s previous film, ‘Get Out‘, which was highly acclaimed, made only $1.8 million in previews. In comparison, ‘Us’ has already made more than four times the amount.

Captain Marvel‘ the highly anticipated MCU movie, which flew into our theaters nearly three weeks back will be relinquishing the top spot in terms of Box Office performances to Peele’s ‘Us’. Starring Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong’o of ‘Black Panther‘ fame, the film is arriving in over 3,700 theaters over this weekend. Reportedly, this is a 1000 more theaters than ‘Get Out’ was released in. ‘Us’ builds off the success of ‘Get Out’ and is currently enjoying the benefits of a strong opening at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. Bolstered by rave critic ratings, strong word of mouth praise and a wider exposure than ‘Get Out’, ‘Us’ is looking forward to a really lucrative weekend at the Box Office. To keep you apprised about the plot of the film, it follows a family that goes to a seaside home for a vacation, in order to relax. However, things soon turn sideways when some unexpected visitors show up. These visitors are doppelgangers of the family and they seem to know the family’s thoughts and how they are going to act. What makes it even more dangerous, is the fact that the doppelgangers harbor malevolent intentions. Critics have already stated that Peele has pulled off a whole new kind of horror in ‘Us’ that is vastly different from ‘Get Out’ and the conclusion will leave viewers pondering.

‘Us’ has also broken some Box Office records upon release, as reported by ForbesIt already had a strong start on Thursday and the earnings raked in from the previews was huge for an R-rated movie, putting it behind the likes of ‘It’, the recent ‘Halloween‘ movie, and ‘Paranormal Activity 3’. ‘Us’ has also made its mark as the biggest Thursday preview gross for a movie that is not a sequel or based on anything.

While conservative estimates have ‘Us’ at $51 million this weekend, there is a good chance the amount could go up to $60 million, since Peele enjoys a reputation as a new kind of horror director and there are no good horror movies at the Box Office at this time. This means ‘Us’ will attract both casual moviegoers, as well as people who take time out to go to the theaters. Anyhow, Box Office Mojo reports that at $60 million, ‘Us’ would have the third-best domestic opening for an R-rated horror movie, and would be behind ‘It’, the movie based on Stephen King’s work, which made $123.4 million and the ‘Halloween’ sequel last year, which made $76.2 million.

Box Office Mojo has also predicted how the other movies will fare at the Box Office over the weekend. According to them, the standings are – ‘Us’ (3,741 theaters) – $51.0 M, ‘Captain Marvel’ (4,278 theaters) – $37.2 M, ‘Wonder Park’ (3,838 theaters) – $9.5 M, ‘Five Feet Apart’ (2,866 theaters) – $7.6 M, ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ (3,346 theaters) – $6.0 M, ‘Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral’ (2,187 theaters) – $4.6 M, ‘No Manches Frida 2’ (472 theaters) – $2.2 M, ‘Captive State’ (2,549 theaters) – $1.5 M, The ‘LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part’ (1,389 theaters) – $1.2 M, ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ (1,439 theaters) – $1.1 M.