Where to Stream Utopia?

The British series ‘Utopia’ made all the right waves with some of the most stunning visuals to have graced our television screens. The story and performances were strong supporting factors that managed to push the series into the spotlight – where it has remained – despite the relatively short run. Now, Gillian Flynn, whose works like ‘Gone Girl‘ and ‘Sharp Objects‘ have been made into highly successful films and shows, has adapted the British original. Curious to know where you can watch Flynn’s take on ‘Utopia’? We’ve got you covered and will tell you a little about the series.

What is Utopia About?

A group of adults meets online, and they come to possess a near-mythical cult underground graphic novel. Their excitement at the discovery soon wears thin when they understand that a shadowy deep state organization is hot on their heels. The eight-episode series has some serious star power, including the likes of John Cusack. If the British original is anything to go by, we can expect a gripping tale of how the group deals with a world-changing reality while staying ahead of threats along their way.

While some have touted the pandemic thriller to have arrived in an untimely manner, ‘Utopia’ has received high praise from most quarters for portraying a dystopic America with extreme accuracy.

Is Utopia on Netflix?

Netflix maintains a fantastic collection of movies and shows, which is why the platform is favored among many viewers. When it comes to ‘Utopia,’ the site doesn’t have the series, but instead, you can watch ‘The 100.’ It is a dystopic tale set 100 years in the future when the earth has become uninhabitable. The surviving humans live in an ark in the earth’s orbit. But, their current situation is not tenable, so a hundred delinquent teenagers are rounded up and sent back to the planet to see if it is habitable.

Is Utopia on Hulu?

Hulu keeps making smart additions to its roster, which is how the site manages to have the edge over the competitors. While you can’t stream ‘Utopia’ on the site, you should check out ‘Utopia Falls.’ It is a fascinating genre-bending tale, where teens in a future colony come across forbidden historical, cultural, and musical relics. They begin questioning everything they’ve learned, and the music brings them to the truth.

Is Utopia on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime maintains a globally appreciated library of movies and shows, which is why so many viewers favor it. Prime subscribers are in luck since ‘Utopia’ is exclusively available on the platform. Check it out here.

Where to Watch Utopia Online?

Sorry, but ‘Utopia’ is not available elsewhere online. Since it is an Amazon Prime original, only the streaming giant hosts the show.

Where to Stream Utopia For Free?

If you want to watch ‘Utopia’ for free, you can use the trial period offered by Amazon Prime. Since the show’s dropped all episodes at once, you can binge-watch it easily. But, we recommend that viewers pay for the art they consume.

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