Vanitas no Karte Episode 11: What to Expect?

‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ or ‘Vanitas no Karte’ is a fantasy TV anime based on Jun Mochizuki’s Japanese manga series of the same name. The series follows Vanitas, a seemingly ordinary man who has inherited the fabled grimoire known as the Book of Vanitas, which was written by the vampire of the blue moon to punish his own kind for years of persecution and hatred. However, the self-proclaimed healers of the vampires, accompanied by Noé Archiviste, a Vampire of the Red Moon, wish to use the cursed book to get rid of all maladies that afflict the blood-sucking creatures. The anime premiered on July 3, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about its upcoming episode.

Vanitas no Karte Episode 11 Release Date

‘Vanitas no Karte’ episode 11, titled ‘Promise,’ is slated to premiere on September 11, 2021, in Japan. It will air on Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, MBS, CBC, HBC, and RKB at various times. The fantasy anime is developed by Studio Bones, with Tomoyuki Itamura helming the directorial team and Hitomi Mieno overseeing the scripts. Tomoyo Nakayama has designed the characters while the series music is composed by Yuki Kajiura. Sasanomaly has performed the opening theme track “Sora to Utsuro,” while the ending theme track “0 (zero)” is sung by LMYK.

Where to Watch Vanitas no Karte Season 1 Online?

‘Vanitas no Karte’ is accessible for streaming on Funimation for viewers outside Asia. You can watch the latest episodes on Wakanim if you are from the Scandinavian countries. Hulu also has the series in its catalog.

Vanitas no Karte Episode 11 Spoilers

In episode 10, Vanitas, accompanied by his allies, finally reaches Moreau’s former laboratory after going through secret passageways. However, instead of using force to get what he wants, the self-proclaimed healer of vampires claims that he came with the Chasseurs to ensure his safety, hoping that it will instill some trust in his former acquaintance. The tricks appear to work as Moreau begins to discuss matters in a friendly manner.

But the repeated efforts to find out his benefactor’s name lead to a dead end as the twisted scientist refuses to answer anything. Eventually, Noé ends up attacking Moreau, who unleashes a multi-eyed creature to defend himself. It doesn’t take long for all hell to break loose as both parties begin to indulge in a brutal fight to the end.

When a black smoke-like monster starts devouring everything in its path Vanitas and Noé stop it by jumping into its mouth and curing the curse-bearer responsible for it. But just when it appears that they are winning the fight against Moreau, a series of bombs destroy the entire complex. Interestingly, it is revealed that the multi-eyed being protecting Moreau reports to Ruthven. In episode 11, the connection between Moreau and Ruthven will be revealed. Meanwhile, Vanitas and Noé will learn something shocking about the curse-bearers.

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