Vanitas no Karte Episode 8: What to Expect?

Based on Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki, ‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ or ‘Vanitas no Karte’ is a fantasy TV anime. The series revolves around the eccentric protagonist named Vanitas, who, despite being a human being, has surprising supernatural abilities and also claims to one day cure the vampires of a notorious curse that make them lose control over their actions. Together with the red-moon vampire named Noé, he embarks on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the infamous text known as “Book of Vanitas.” The anime first premiered on July 3, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about its upcoming episode.

Vanitas no Karte Episode 8 Release Date

‘Vanitas no Karte’ episode 8 titled ‘Where Death Slumbers’ is slated to premiere on August 21, 2021, in Japan. It will air on Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, MBS, CBC, HBC, and RKB at various times. Studio Bones has developed the series with Hitomi Mieno leading the writing staff and Tomoyuki Itamura helming the directorial team. Yuki Kajiura has composed the series’ music, and Tomoyo Nakayama has designed the characters. The ending theme track, “0 (zero),” is performed by LMYK while Sasanomaly has sung the opening theme track, “Sora to Utsuro.”

Where to Watch Vanitas no Karte Season 1 Online?

‘Vanitas no Karte’ is accessible for streaming on Funimation for people who live outside Asia. In Scandinavian countries, people can watch the latest episodes on Wakanim. The series is also accessible on Hulu.

Vanitas no Karte Episode 8 Spoilers

In episode 7, after escaping the menace of curse-bearers at the masquerade ball, Noé, Vanitas, Domi, Luca, and Jeanne head to August Ruthven’s house to protect themselves. When they sit together, the conversation eventually gravitates towards Jeanne and Vanitas’ kiss, which they shared back at the masquerade ball. Luca, who is still pissed about it, questions Vanitas.

Instead of ignoring it, the owner of the mysterious grimoire jokes that she loves Jeanne, who takes the statement seriously and immediately takes him away from others to quiz him about his feelings for her. Vanitas uses the opportunity to ask him about the curse, and she confesses that she has been using medication to suppress her urges. However, there have been instances where she has lost control over herself, as the masquerade ball. Vanitas makes her promise that she will never drink anyone else’s blood except him.

At the end of the episode, Noé also questions Vanitas about love to understand what he thinks about it. However, he is disappointed when his friend just shrugs the topic off by saying that he does not think much about it. In episode 8, Vanitas and his friends may have a close call with death. Charlatan and his envoy may plan something sinister to achieve their twisted goals and get close to the book of Vanitas.

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