When Does Victoria Season 4 Come Out on PBS?

Written by Daisy Goodwin, ‘Victoria’ is a period drama that—as the name suggests—walks you through all the trials and tribulations that Queen Victoria went through during her reign over the British Empire. Soon after the release of its first season back in 2016, the show was lauded by critics and viewers alike for its historical accuracy and the wonderful performances of its cast.

Moreover, even its sumptuous production has been appreciated by many over the years. So if like many other viewers out there, you found yourself getting captivated by the “soapy” yet intriguing approach of this historical drama, you must be starting to wonder if there will ever be Victoria season 4. Here’s everything we know.

Victoria Season 4 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Victoria’ Season 3 released on January 13, 2019, on PBS. Since then, no official announcements regarding the show’s fate have been made. However, we can still make some speculations based on official statements made by its cast and crew. Just before the premiere of the third season, the cast and crew of the show got in touch with the press and revealed a few minor details about the show’s fourth installment. Writer Daisy Goodwin revealed that she was already working on the script of the fourth season and called it an “absolute humdinger.”

She even gave out a spoiler and claimed that someone might even die in the next season. She further added by saying that a new character will also be added to the storyline and also commented on the longevity of the show by claiming that its story still has a long way to go. Considering its previous release schedule and delays in productions due to Covid-19, we expect ‘Victoria’ Season 4 to release sometime in 2021.

Victoria Season 4 Cast: Who Can Be in it?

Jenna Coleman plays the role of the titular protagonist, Queen Victoria, in the series and Tom Hughes plays her husband, Prince Albert. Although the show primarily revolves around the two of them, other secondary protagonists of the show include Mr. Penge played by Adrian Schiller, Lord Alfred Paget played by Jordan Waller, Brodie played by Tommy Wright, and Skerrett played by Nell Hudson. Two other major characters of the show who appear quite often throughout its runtime are Francatelli  (Ferdinand Kingsley), and Lady Emma Portman (Anna Wilson-Jones).

Along with the rest of the cast, Jenna Coleman is expected to reprise her role as Queen Victoria, however, this may be her last season. In an interview, she talked about her admiration for her character and even showed interest in playing an older version of Victoria. At the same time, she also expressed her concerns over Victoria’s aging character and how she’ll have to spend several hours to physically prepare for it. So it is a possibility that Victoria’s character will be recast after season 4.

Victoria Season 4 Plot: What Can it Be About?

In the third season, we saw the Chartist movement reach a whole new level in London. Because of the pressure they faced, Victoria had to later leave and head out to Cornwall for a while to ensure her safety. When they return, Victoria’s estranged sister Feodora Victoria and her husband Prince Albert start drifting and their upcoming marriage is tested. In the meantime, a cholera outbreak gripped London and Lord Palmerston tried his best to undermine the Queen.

Although the writer of the show, Daisy Goodwin, refused to give out any detailed spoilers about the fourth season, she claimed that it will be the darkest season of the entire series. And since many events of the third season highlight the Great Exhibition, it seems very likely that Season 4 will now be set in the year 1851 at its outset. It will follow Queen Victoria’s journey through the murky waters of her reign and as mentioned earlier, one of the pivotal characters will also end up dying.

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